Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change

The way that I would challenge discrimination in general is to discuss the reasons why certain practises are in place with my supervisor or with other staff who are working under me. I would attempt to provide evidence e. g. from childcare journals to demonstrate how changes can be made which help prevent discriminatory practise. If I were to observe discrimination then I might organise a team meeting or training session where I can demonstrate examples of discrimination and show staff ways that they can change their work to prevent this.

If I was not able to do this I would ask my manager to provide further training on equality and diversity for all members of staff. If for example I was to realise that within the setting certain activities were arranged for girls and certain ones for boys, I would approach other staff and discuss why they were separating the genders and explain the benefits of children working in mixed groups and not conforming to gender stereotypes. This would promote changes in activities that involve mixed groups and increase staff awareness of their current practises.

I could actively challenge discrimination by acting as a role model for positive behaviour and by empowering people to challenge discrimination themselves. Discrimination usually occurs through ignorance. By making a person aware of the facts it will educate them and hopefully change their opinions and actions in the future. In a work setting, discrimination can be a disciplinary matter and policies and procedures will be in place to deal with this. Like this essay? Read also example of an essay about myself.

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