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Career Exploration And Handshake



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    There is always one thing that works for a professional and that always has been the skills that they have acquired while learning. On my personal level, describing my strengths and making them unique would be difficult but ever since communication has been one of my major strengths followed by a list of other things which, according to me, have been of great help. I always believe in teamwork since it is way easier to work efficiently on those lines. I always have been punctual in my work ethics. I like to pay attention to details, and I believe I am very organized as working in an office environment can get hectic. Being people oriented has helped me a lot during interviews and meetings since getting things done are way easier than forcing it on anyone.

    Everything starts with one thing, our goals, which have been set a long time ago but to get to the goals, we must follow a pathway and that pathway is laid by our own strengths. On a personal level, I believe my strengths have been impacted my academic path a whole lot more than I expected. Since my academic major requires many of strengths as a must have, attention to detail since school has helped me observe everything happening around and make sure that if I develop something I don’t miss out on the very small detail. Communicating with people, in general, has been one of my strengths which has helped me a lot so far as communicating with people made me gain confidence on a personal level, which further enhanced my chances of taking proper decisions at the correct time without worrying too much about the consequences having calculated the best and the worst outcomes.

    I believe that my strengths will be a great influence on my career path as most of my strengths are a must have to work with a people in a similar office. Communicating is the key to work efficiently anywhere in the world as can be seen from the examples of many companies and good communication with the team always leads to better results and also teamwork is very important along with communication just give better results which leads to better organisation of the work. I also believe that being punctual helps in creating a better work environment and helps to capture the attention to details off the task that have been given. I also believe that being a people-oriented person is always helpful as it leads to better functioning of the team and it also helps in knowing your work environment. Leadership skills help in creating a better performance of the overall team. my career path is to develop apps and machinery which can be used for the for the betterment of the work environment. I believe that my strengths help me getting to know the people and help me build a career which I have always been interested in.

    When people look at an electrical engineering degree major, they specially think of one career path and that is just anything related to electricity whereas an electrical engineering major can work in many different fields contrary to beliefs some of the following are:

    • Consultancies
    • The Government
    • Telecommunication
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Transport
    • Healthcare
    • Armed Forces
    • Tech Companies

    For me personally, I believe 3 most compatible career options would be in either Tech Companies, Construction or Manufacturing as is evident from the figures given below:

    Most of the Electrical engineering majors design, develop, test and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment such as radar and navigation systems and electrical motors. (1*) They operate computer assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks. (2*). They design new ways to use electric power to improve or develop products. They also perform detailed calculations to develop Manufacturing construction and installation standards and specifications. (3*) They also operate computer assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering task and compare technical drawings, specification of electrical systems to ensure that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements. (4*)

    The work environment varies from place to place as for electrical engineers the largest employers of electrical engineers are as follows:

    engineering services take up 19% engineering jobs. 9% of the job goes to electrical power generation, transmission and distribution. 5 to 7% of each of the engineering jobs go to navigation, research and development, semiconductor, manufacturing and similar companies. (electrical engineers hold about 191900 jobs as of now). (2*)

    Electronics engineer holds about 138,500 jobs. the largest employers of electronics engineers are as follows:

    18% of the electronic engineers work in telecommunications. 16% of them work at semiconductor and other electrical component manufacturing. 7 percent each of the electronic engineers work in engineering services and navigation and manufacturing.

    Mostly the work environment of electrical engineers involves activities such as:

    • interacting with computers
    • getting information
    • making decisions and solving problems
    • analyzing data
    • communicating with peers

    Wages are a part of work which is new and the end of every 2nd week or by the end of the month. The median annual wage for electrical engineers is $96,640 but it varies by location. The lowest 10% earned less than $61,190 whereas the highest 10% earned more than $153,240 which is dependent on the area as earning more than $60,000 sounds good in small town or county but is difficult to survive in big city where earning the median average salary is a necessity. The average median wage per hour for an electrical engineer is $46.46 which varies a lot by location, for example in California, the wages are probably higher compared to average median wage.

    Projected job growth, as is seen from several sources, on average of 4% to 6% with top industries including manufacturing, professional scientific and technical services.

    I was introduced to Handshake by the school and it has worked very well for me since it has an easy way to apply and find jobs, internships and is very helpful in scheduling for personal feedbacks on resume and it has been one of the best tools to look out for appointment for career related help.

    The current job listing that have interested me the most are as follows:

    • Electrical & Automation Intern at Hatch Associates Consultants Inc.
    • They are seeking an engineer interns in Pittsburgh, PA for which I believe I qualify as they require a person with strong communication skills and strong interpersonal skills, and I believe I qualify for the qualifications.
    • Manufacturing- Automation Controls Engineering Internship – Tesla
    • Technical Solution Specialist Intern- IBM
    • Systems Integration Engineer Intern -ViaSat Inc
    • Engineering Analyst and associate-Goldman sachs

    These are the top internship listing that have me very interested and I was able to look at the qualifications of each and every job listed above and was able to see that for most of the jobs, I qualify as per the requirement and I have additional qualifications which I might help in adding more to my profile and all of these jobs were found on handshake and not on any other website or app and the same reason why it has been helpful as most of the above jobs require a person to have the following qualities:

    • Strong analytical skills
    • Detail oriented
    • Good at communicating
    • Pays attention of the details of the jobs

    Most of the job openings were only found on handshake and it was easy to apply through since it has and easy way to apply from the app itself and doesn’t take too much time to apply or fill out unnecessary information whereas it gives the perfect amount of resources required and also it helps in applying quickly and also gives a match if the job we are looking does/ doesn’t require us to apply when and also keeps us updated on the status of our applications.



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