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Career exploration

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    A career can be defined to as the general professional of ones working or ones professional life, a particular occupation for which one is trained for and a chosen pursuit, a profession or occupation. A career is something which comes from inside of a person, its an ambition which a person pursues until it has bee achieved. A person can seek guidance from professional career guidance experts if undecided or if one is not fully aware of which particular career to take up. Many people have ended up choosing careers which did not fit them have ended up getting frustrated all the way. Those who chose their careers correctly have all through enjoyed their professional work. Choosing a career is something which from inside a person, which is self-directed and this is what determines what or a person will be in future. Self assessment, self motivation and meditation should be the guiding principles in choosing a career and students ought to understand this first before making a final decision. Personality, Interests and Values In choosing a career, the personality, interest and values of a student have to assessed thoroughly such that when a decision is made, it is made wisely but not imposed.

    A career determines the future of a person and so a lot of caution must be taken upon. Personality can be defined as the individual interpretation of oneself as expressed in person’s behavior. It is the attitude, belief and purpose the person interprets of the outer environment. Personality should include the outer or expressive aspect and the inner unifying, motivational and directional aspect. Personality is developed through different criteria which include heredity, maturation, trait development, learning and attitude. Intellectual ability may influence the type and quality of adjustment of which n individual is capable, for example , children of low or inferior intelligence are frequently oversensitive, self conscious, stubborn or dominate in different groups. This is CAREER EXPLORATION because they need to receive enough attention from others. Such individuals may find it difficult to compete with others in many ways and their behavior and attitudes towards themselves are influenced as a result of this.

    The personality of the student will determine which type/kind of a The student should be given an opportunity to express him/herself through being guided so that their interests can be known. The student should choose what is of interest to them without being forced. Everybody has got personal interests and they should be catered well. Each person has got values which need to be respected and be given the attention which they need. Those guiding the students should respect them so that the students will be free to express themselves in order to know which career they desire to take up. A career is chosen after assessing the individual results of the student.

    This is through looking at the academic performance of the student and then relate to a career which best fits him/her not forgetting that it is the student who gives the way forward. Choosing a career is something which comes from inside and an interest must have been developed long before a decision is finally made. Career Options The career chose for interview was social work which can be defined as a profession that engages in the psychosocial evaluations and interventions tat includes some therapy, permitted under the provisions, to effect change in the feelings, attitudes and the behavior of the client,

    whether it’s an individual, group or community. The persons interviewed said that they chose the profession because they were motivation by people who were their role models from when they were young. They further said that they kept on asking their role models about the social work profession, its benefits and why they chose it. They grew up knowing that in their career life they will definitely become social CAREER EXPLORATION workers. They started building this interest from the time they were young and as they continued to grow they were more exposed and they actually saw and experienced by themselves practically on what the social work career entails. They also said that they were being inspired and guided by their role models who encouraged them to work harder in some subjects and start developing some kind of attitudes for one to become a professional social worker in future. Students who aspire to take a certain career in future must first set some objectives and goals which must be achieved at the end of it all. Those interviewed said that they were also motivated by their role models and so they wanted to be like the. They said that their profession exposes them to many instances especially working with the people at the community and knowing the kind of challenges they undergo in order to fulfill their daily needs. From this kind of information, the student ought to understand what they are supposed to do in choosing their careers. They ought to have started developing their career interests long before from childhood and as they grow up.

    The student should thoroughly assess the kind of career they want to take up and know their academic requirements and what the career will entail. It is a personal decision but if the students is not sure and doubtful, should ask for further guidance. Students should seek career guidance from different career counselors so that they may be able to make comparisons before they make a decision. This information will affect and change their thinking because they now start approaching in choosing a career in a different way. They will have known on what is required of them in order to choose a career. They will have known that it is the individual interest and effort that will lead them in choosing a career best to The college majors that might be appropriate to the areas of interest of the students will also depend on the interest of each individual student. Most of the student are considering taking CAREER EXPLORATION up accounting, medicine, business administration, social work. These majors are very marketable in the job market today and they are determined to become what they aspire to become. The students who are pursuing these majors have been motivated by others who have succeeded in that career and so they want to excel more than them. The students are now supposed to set long term attainable objectives and set up the parameters on how their objectives will be attained.

    They should work hard towards meeting the requirements of the careers they want to undertake in future. For the students to further progress in making their decisions they should seek some guidance on a regular basis from the experts or those they see as their role models so that they can be able to make a right decision as concerns their future careers. They should be very ambitious and do all they can at their disposal so that they can be headed into the right direction. The academic experience and success is related to career development and success. My academic experience guided me to choose a career which was self fulfilling and which I enjoyed working in. It is less stressful because the mind is set towards that career. In this career one is able to identify areas which need further development in terms of training. Self assessment on the performance of one in a career is very important as one is able to know the strongest and weakest points and then make the necessary adjustments. The academic experience is very important because it gives one the power to able to carry out the activities that are supposed to be undertaken and this has led to getting promotions at the place of work and even different offering better packages to the same jobs in their companies, hence leading to further development and success of the career. A career is something which needs to be developed from the earlier stages and people should continue to further develop it even they have joined the profession that they CAREER EXPLORATION WORK CITED Hanna S. , (1992); Career Development by Design, New York Reard, R. C. (1994); Career Development and Planning: A Comprehensive Approach, London.

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