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Career in Electrical Engineering

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    First off, the career field that I choose is electrical engineering. Electrical engineers normally deal with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The average pay is $89,898 while the starting of pay is only at $68,559. Some of the most popular business such as Boeing and Apple use electrical engineers to help with their company. While working at Boeing electrical engineers they work closely with customers to develop electronic and electrical system requirements for Boeing aircraft, and unmanned vehicles and more.

    While working at Apple they mainly work with repairing phones and other apple products people bring in. Some of the skill sets I will need to succeed in this field are; basic skills, problem solving, and people and technology systems. I would need all of these skills because electrical engineering is a tough job and if you can’t listen or solve a problem then you can mess up on whatever you’re working on which can cause damage to the item or even yourself.

    While I began researching for electrical engineering jobs I quickly noticed that there are a lot of jobs who needs them all around the U.S. One job that caught my eye was One job I found which is a Reliability Electrical Engineer works for The Kerrington Group in Aiken, SC. Some of the responsibilities you will have for this job are, E/I design and support for projects for other Project Managers, conceptual design, detail design, estimating, construction, checkout, and startup, and also will work directly with and train operations, maintenance, and other personnel to accomplish project goals. The main thing I like about this job is I will be able to stay in South Carolina with my family and it will be easy to be with them for the holidays.

    In addition, most of companies requires a Bachelor’s Degree but some may require an associate’s degree but it is recommended that you finish College with a B.S. I found 4 colleges which are some of the top colleges that specialize in Engineering degree, Clemson University which is a local college, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology. If I were to go to Clemson University, it will cost $14,272 per year; and $57,088 for 4 years. To pay off my student loans in 15 years it will cost about $3,000 which will be around 2% of my money if I make 89,898 per year.

    If I went to an out of state college such as Georgia Institute of Technology, it will cost $54,824 per year which is $219,296 for 4 years. I will use about 6% of the money to go towards tuition needing about $14,000 a year for 15 years. If you look at the difference between a local college and an out of state college, it’s about a $162,208 difference in tuition for 4 years and that’s a huge difference once you have to pay student loans in the future. In my opinion I would rather go to a local college unless I would be able to get an academic or sports scholarship then I’ll go to a college that isn’t in the state of South Carolina.

    In conclusion, going into the electrical engineering field is attractive to me because I am interested in learning new things about phones and computers. Also my dad does Engineering in the Air Force which he works on AC units which is another reason why I would like to go into this field. Not only is electrical engineering a fun job it’s also one of those jobs that pays very well. I believe I would be a great fit for this career field because I am self-driven and I would love to learn about the different things involving electricity.

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