Career Goals in Computer Science and Engineering

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Educational Background & Previous Professional Experience

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. During my under-graduation, I made steady progress and built a strong foundation of technical knowledge through conscientious learning and concerted study methods, and always made a firm effort to remain abreast with all path-breaking advancements in my field. Post that, I was based out of Pune, India, where I worked as a Software Engineer in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). TCS is India’s largest IT firm by revenue and it provides Consulting and IT services to its clients.

During my stint of 5.7 years, I worked on multiple projects across various domains, such as hi-tech, retail and wealth management. I was part of various cross-functional teams, where I consistently delivered my assignments by adhering to fast-paced deadline-oriented schedules. I also had the opportunity to independently manage critical software development and testing projects that followed Agile methodology by efficiently coordinating with multiple functional groups and teams on a daily basis. My professional experience at TCS has not only helped me enhance my technical skills but has also given me the confidence and wherewithal to assume responsibility and see through tasks from beginning to end. Throughout my tenure, my work was highly appreciated, both by my team as well as the clients.

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Co-op Position / First Job

My immediate career goal is to secure an internship/ co-op position in a technical role focused on front-end software development so that I can gain real-world industry experience as well as build on my existing skills. Upon completing my Masters, I see myself working as a Software Developer/Web Developer for one of the product-based companies like Microsoft, Apple, or Adobe. I strongly believe that working as a Software Developer for few years will not only help me gain knowledge and expertise but also prepare me to take on expanded team responsibilities in the future.

Intermediate Career Goal: Position 5-10 years into my Professional Career

5-10 years into my career, I would like to take up managerial roles like Program Manager/Product Manager either for a Fortune 500 product-based company or some promising start-up venture. By taking up elevated responsibilities at a managerial level, I envision myself to be a part of the major decision-making process, ranging from the initial sales pitch to go-live phase.

Ultimate Career Goal

My long-term goal is to move up higher in the corporate ladder towards technical executive roles. I would like to be more focused on the long-term goals of my firm and device strategies to attain the same. At the same time, I would like to continue using my technical expertise to bridge the gap between technology and business objectives.

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