Caring for Patients as a Life-Defining Passion

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I graduated from a medical school where medicine is being taught inside hospitals and the students have to spend few months along a rural community before to move to a new year. A kind of philosophy make us realize that medicine is not limited to books but in fact the real impact can come out of this time before moving again to the clinical aspects.

I spent my the following the following years between different specialties testing the philosophy and what I come up is that I have a great chance to prevent cancer by encouraging good health habits, if not that not enough then may be the early screening will do or at least will catch it early.

Only If I am a family physician I will know about the weight loss before measuring the weight, fixing the other risk factors as the person in front of me deserve the best possible life as he is not just a health condition. Now I am I interested even more in the family medicine after I moved to Ireland as I am quite sure as many people keep telling me that you seem really care, as only the passion could push you in the early morning and from patient to another.

I spent the last 8 years trying the come to the States despite the multiple visa rejections which failed to make me feel disappointed as I only quoting that line of Black code medical series “learn from the best and be one of them”. I am really hoping that my dream is coming true as I am still hungry to do a lot.

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