Defining Military Discipline and Values

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Military Discipline is the state of order and obedience that exists within a command. In the military, self-discipline refers to soldiers performing their duties without being told, even in the absence of their commander. Creating discipline within a unit involves instilling confidence and responsibility in each individual. To enhance discipline, senior leaders should give praise to their subordinates, either individually or as a whole, for completing tasks successfully. This will help achieve every commander’s goal of having a well-functioning unit and building a strong bond among the team. Discipline is essential in every aspect of life, whether it be sports, craft, music, or making good decisions.

Selfless service is the act of looking out for others without expecting any personal gain. It involves performing a service without anticipating a reward. An example of this occurred when I was at the Atnavics and my NCO relieved me from guard duty, even though he wanted to go home himself. This incident made me realize that I had been selfish by not being punctual, wasting the time of my chain of command and making my battle buddies wait. It taught me that being disciplined and helping out the unit ultimately benefits myself as well. For instance, if you assist your battle buddy in carrying their rucksack to prevent them from getting injured, you are actually aiding the unit’s mission. Without your help, they may have suffered an injury and been unable to complete their tasks. Honor can be defined in various ways, but to me it means showing respect and esteem towards others while demonstrating devotion to one’s unit, family, or country.Regrettably, due to my lack of discipline and tardiness to PT on Wednesday, I demonstrated dishonor instead of honor. Consequently, I failed to exhibit my dedication to my unit.

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