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Team Performance Curve

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Physicians will also perform a physical examination o check for pulmonary edema by observing the patient for pulmonary effusion, inspiration crackles or occasions (Whether & Enhance, 2012).

After this examination, the physician would likely order an EGG to confirm the diagnosis. An EGG of someone with left heart failure displays decreased cardiac output and cardiology (Whether & Enhance, 2012). The decreased Cardiac Output would be detected by the Preceptors, which would then galvanism the sympathetic nervous system, which would increase A.

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Team Performance Curve
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Co’s heart rate (Whether & Enhance, 2012). Additionally the ermines involved in the rennin nonaggression system work to increase cardiac output by decreasing globular filtration and fluid retention (Whether & Enhance, 2012). A. Co’s recent pedal edema likely implicates that her left-sided heart failure has caused right-sided heart failure. Left -sided heart failure can create right sided-heart failure after an increase in left ventricular pressure is reflected back into the pulmonary circulation (Whether & Enhance, 2012).

This increased pressure stresses the right ventricle to pump against greater luminary and vascular resistance and left ventricular pressure (Iceman, 2013).

A. Co’s recent symptom of exceptional chest pain is likely caused from angina. To confirm this diagnosis and prevent myocardial infraction the physician would likely perform a few tests on A. O. The first test the doctor will likely be an EGG. The doctor could also possibly perform a stress test. Thirdly, the doctor would also test for normal trooping levels, normal KC and normal anonymously (Whether & Enhance, 2012).

The doctors prescribed A. O several medications including fireside, outcasts chloride, nitroglycerin and digitalis to treat her cardiovascular disease. Physicians prescribe fireside because it is a diuretic so it inhibits sodium and chloride absorption and while promoting water excretion. This causes a decrease in blood volume/ pressure. This lowered blood pressure then decreases the cardiac workload which allows Ass’s heart to pump more effectively (Resist, 201 2) The Potassium Chloride A.

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