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Peachtree has grown quickly and are confronting jobs with its IT substructure. It needs to look for a better solution. There are two options proposed to work out the issue whether to utilize a massive endeavor package system which is a individual set of systems and applications and completes consistency across all of the infirmaries but deficiency of flexibleness for physicians and dearly-won or to implement SOA which is a modular system with flexibleness to travel after selective standardisation but hazardous as new engineering. To choose the new attack. Peachtree demand to see some standards in regard to concern. IT and medical positions such as costs vs. benefits. wellness attention environment. desired outcomes. system executions. IT support. and efficiency. SOA is recommended because it is more flexible and suited for wellness attention work environment. The hazard of unpredictable results and costs due to new engineering could be overcome by carry oning research and analysis and well-planned system execution and preparation. Current state of affairs

Peachtree has grown quickly in the past 12 old ages through amalgamations from a learning infirmary into a regional web of 11 big and midsize establishments and each establishment has its alone doctor-dominated individuality and ain proud history and civilization. Peachtree is now under a force per unit area to standardise its systems and processes because it is believed that standardisation is more competitory and better in a long tally. In add-on. Peachtree is confronting major IT substructure jobs. Its current information system does non run into its demand to accomplish the company’s aim of holding quality. consistence. and continuity of attention across the full web and presenting all that with the highest degrees of efficaciousness. economic system. and regard for patients and staff. There was a meltdown of the information system at one of its installations. The job could do safety jeopardies to patients because the system is undependable. Besides. the current IT substructure has high care costs. There are two proposals presented to turn to the current IT jobs and to accomplish the company’s aims: utilizing a massive endeavor package system which will standardise the procedures across the web for all of the infirmaries but is non flexible and comes with higher costs or following SOA which will be more flexible for selective standardisation but is new to the market and unpredictable. Standards

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Business position:* Cost/benefit analysis: comparison cost over clip* Health attention environment* Company’s mission and aims* Desired resultIT position:* System execution* IT services and support* Immediate and practical solutions* Response to constant alteration

Medical position:* Life or decease* EfficiencyOptions and recommendationOptions1. Keep the current systemProfessionals: * Keep the position quo * No cost| Cons: * Does non work out the current job * Does non run into the mission and objectives|

2. Implement a massive endeavor package systemProfessionals: * Create homogenous substructure * Complete interoperability and consistence * Unify patient records database| Cons: * Cost 500 million to a billion or more ( 5-7 old ages ) * Need to redesign of every concern procedure

3. Adopt SOAProfessionals: * Provide flexibleness to travel after selective standardisation * Provide legerity * Can seek on a limited graduated table and travel frontward in little stairss to take down hazard * Is flexible on monetary value because of immature market| Cons: * Is new to the market * Has no industry path record * Is unpredictable in term of dependability. cost. estimation clip to accomplish the advancement. desired result. |

RecommendationBased on the analysis of current state of affairs. the recommendation is for Peachtree to follow alternate # 3. The recommendation is to follow SOA to better its IT substructure. Standardization of all medical procedures may non be a right thing to make because standardisation may non be suited for medical environment. Each establishment of Peachtree has its ain idiosyncratic so it would be hard to carry physicians to alter to a stiff regulation to make their plants. SOA will enable selective standardisation. Even though the SOA market is non mature yet. Peachtree could get down from little stairss to cut down hazard and bit by bit replace its bing systems with SOA. The immature market besides allows Peachtree to negociate the monetary value of the system.

Risk direction programSome of the actions may include:* Research more about SOA. Since SOA is new and unseasoned to the wellness attention work environment and no other wellness attention has used SOA so the hazard of negative results is high and for patients it could be life or decease. Peachtree should carry on more research about SOA. It could reexamine the usage of SOA in similar work environment. * Conduct cost/benefit analysis. Peachtree is at hazard for incurring high system execution and care costs due to unpredictable execution timeline and results. It should analyse all effects and garner informations about costs and benefits of SOA. * Develop an overall execution program. If SOA is considered being adopted. Peachtree should replace its bing system with SOA by utilizing phased execution scheme. Direct execution would be excessively hazardous if the new system does non work and excessively hard to develop users. It should prove the system on a little graduated table to cut down the hazard. Peachtree should acquire inputs from all of its relevant users including both everyday and non-routine staff. * Train the users. The users should be trained the new system for each stage as it is introduced.

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