Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream Essay

Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream provides customer relationship management and other software applications using the software-as-a-service business model over the Internet. Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing, eliminates the need for a business to make large up-front hardware and software investments and reduces the time to implement new programs. Subscribers to don’t have to purchase or maintain maintain any an hardware hardware (albeit (albeit personal personal computing computing devices) devices) nor nor doo theye haveave too install install any an special operating systems, database servers, or application servers. Other than the monthly user subscription fee, businesses reduce their licensing and maintenance fees. Users access the cloud through a standard Web browser or a mobile handheld device. Businesses using the’s cloud have an easier time scaling their system as they increase or decrease their workforce – they adjust the number of subscriptions to the cloud.

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Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream
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Order now offers some customization of its software so a business can adjust the software to unique business processes. It offers three types of clouds: Sales cloud, service cloud cou, and an thee custom cuso cloud cou. Thee sales saes and an service service clouds cous helpe businesses businesses improve improve sales saes and customer service. The custom cloud provides a venue for customers to develop their own applications for use within the broader Salesforce network. .

Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream
2. What are some of the challenges facing Salesforce as it continues its growth? How well will it be able to meet those challenges?
Challenges include:
Increased competition both from traditional industry leaders and new challengers hoping to replicate Salesforce’s success E di Expanding itits b i business mod l del i t into othther areas Ensuring the system is available 24/7 with no outages

Defending the system against security breeches

Salesforce is answering the first two challenges by partnering with Google and combining its services with Gmail, Google Docs Docs, Google Google Talk Talk, and and Google Google Calendar Calendar toto allow allow itsits customers customers toto accomplish accomplish more more tasks tasks viavia the the Webeb. Salesforce com and Google both hope that their for Google Apps initiative will galvanize further growth in on-demand software. By partnering with Apple, can expand its applications to iPhone users who will have access to their data anywhere any time. Through its partnership with, Force customers can tap into’s cloud computing services that can handle “cloud burst computing” tasks that require extra processing power or storage capp y acity.

Salesforce opened up its Custom Cloud (also known as application development platform to other independent software developers and listed their programs on its AppExchange. The company introduced a development tool for integrating with Facebook’s social network that allows customers to build applications that call functions at the Facebook site. Small businesses can go online and download software applications, some add-ons to and oththers th t that are unreltd lated.

In order to grow its revenues to levels that industry observers and Wall Street eventually expects, Salesforce will need to change its focus from selling a suite of software applications to providing a broader cloud computing “platform” on which many software companies can deliver applications.


To ensure system availability, provides tools to assure customers about its system reliability and also offers PC applications that tie into their services so users can work offline. Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream

3. What kinds of businesses could benefit from switching to Salesforce and why? Small to medium-size businesses are probably the most likely ones to switch to because of cost factors and the lack of having in-house resources to provide the same l leve of computing capacity. B iusnesses th ta are trying to increase the sophistication of their computing capabilities could also benefit from switching to Salesforce as long as the two are compatible. Businesses that rely on smart customer management would benefit g y reatl from using the tools available at Also companies that have small sales and marketing teams can benefit from the software-as-a-service business model.

Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream
4. What factors would you take into account in deciding whether to use for your business?
Businesses should assess the costs and benefits of the service, weighing all people, organization, and technology issues.
Does the software-as-a-service applications integrate well with the existing systems?
Does it deliver a level of service and performance that’s acceptable for the business?
Does the SaaS fit with the business’ overall competitive strategy and allow the company to focus on core business issues instead of technology challenges? 1-12Case Study – Salesforce.Com: Cloud Services Go Mainstream 5. Could a company run its entire business using,, and App Exchange? Explain your answer.

Depending on the type of business, a company probably could run its entire operations using Salesforce com, Force com, and andApp App Exchange Exchange.All All four four major maor functional functional areas areas of of aa business business are are supported: Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Production, Finance, and Human Resources. There are dozens of applications available to fully support all of these areas. It would be a matter of integrating the software from and App Exchange with any existing legacy systems within the b i business.

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