How does salesforce. com use cloud computing? Basically that they don’t need you to run a server, and also that they themselves aren’t exactly running a single specific server, they provision Cloud based services in a way that can be easily dynamically scaled from an available pool of resources, so that room for growth becomes an easy to meet commitment, and that excess resources may be provisioned for some other purpose.

Cloud is really a fancy word for Virtualization, which is really a fancy way of saying we can take one server and divide and conquer, and as well we can take a bunch of servers and balance a single app split across a farm of servers if the projected number of users and capacity demand leads to that conclusion. 2) What are some of the challenges facing salesforce as it continues it’s growth? How well it be able to meet those challenges? Salesforce. com faces the challenge of increased competition from traditional software methods and new services from current companies that try to replicate Salesforce. om’s business model. It also faces the challenge of expanding its services into other areas that allow business users to complete more necessary tasks. It is uncertain whether Salesforce. com will be able to meet the challenges. By implementing new, beneficial services that other CRM products do not offer, Salesforce. com can overcome the competition from leading service providers. Because Salesforce. com is partnered with Google, the implementation of new services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk, and Google Calendar will be easy and cost-effective. ) What kinds of businesses could benefit from switching to salesforce an why? Agricultural, construction, manufacturing, retail, information, and real estate businesses could all benefit from switching to Salesforce. Each of these business types requires a method for keeping records of sales and handling sales information. All of the sales information could be stored in one place, Salesforce. com, and be managed by any authorized business employee 4) Whatfactors would you take into account in deciding whether to use salesforce. com for your business?

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I would mainly consider the fact that “renting” the use of software, rather than purchasing a tangible copy, would save my business a significant amount of funds. The installation of software and the installation/configuration of hardware would be unnecessary, which would also decrease the amount of time to implement the software into the business. With Salesforce. com, the implementation time can be as little as a few days, unlike purchasing a copy of the product, which can take months. I would also consider the possibility of service outages and whether they would drastically affect the performance of my business. ) Could a company run it’s entire business using salesforce. com,force. com,and App Exchange? Explain your answer A company could run its entire business using the combination of Salesforce. com and App Exchange. Salesforce. com supports applications or add-ons that are capable of the following functions: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and Administration, Human Resources. The latter functions are the necessities to run a business. App Exchange also allows functions like IT Management and Partner Relationship Management. These functions add to the list of services that are necessary or beneficial to running a business.

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