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Opportunity or Planing

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Maureen C. Lett

HSS 208-Dr. O & # 8217 ; Hara

April 17, 1996

Intelligence and planning are necessary factors in scientific research, nevertheless

opportunity and fortune are besides of import and slightly necessary factors. The

Autobiography of Charles Darwin and the memoir, The Double Helix, written by

James Watson, turn out this averment. Charles Darwin, James Watson and Francis

Crick were all intelligent work forces that planned their experiments, nevertheless without

opportunity and luck their success and scientific accomplishment would non be as great.

Intelligence and planning are of import in scientific find, but are non

ever the dominating forces that drive scientific research. Such is the instance

with Charles Darwin, James Watson and Francis Crick. All three of these work forces

were highly rational, but their mind merely contributed partly to

their success. Intellect and planning, combined with opportunity and fortune

contributed to their overall success.

Peoples take opportunities on a day-to-day footing. If you really halt and believe about it,

life is one large game of opportunity. It is by opportunity that we are born, that we

continue to last, and that we will finally decease. Some people feel that

this rhythm occurs do to the will of God, others, like Charles Darwin believe

that it happens based on opportunity or natural choice. Whatever you believe or

disbelieve, life can non be planned. No affair how hard a individual efforts to

& # 8220 ; program & # 8221 ; their way in life, it is by opportunity and luck where that way takes us.

Darwin & # 8217 ; s calling was besides based on opportunity, non be aftering. Darwin ne’er planned to

go a scientist or the male parent of natural choice. It was by pure opportunity

that he obtained the occupation on the ocean trip of the Beagle, which started his calling.

Darwin stated about this ocean trip that, & # 8220 ; The ocean trip of the Beagle has been the by

far the most of import event in my life and has determined my whole calling. . . & # 8221 ;

( Darwin, p.76 ) Darwin had non planned to take the trip on the Beagle, he

obtained the chance by mere opportunity. One can try to & # 8220 ; program & # 8221 ; for a occupation or

calling, but opportunity and fortune are the major factors which allow for success.

Although Darwin & # 8217 ; s intellect played a function in obtaining the place, opportunity and

fortune were the major factors.

Many scientists suffer great shots of fortune. Two other scientists that did

non & # 8220 ; program & # 8221 ; their success were James Watson and Francis Crick. These two work forces

were non great contrivers of scientific research, but through opportunity and fortune they

obtained their scientific end. Watson and Crick discovered the construction of

Deoxyribonucleic acid and its dual spiral. Rosalind Franklin, Maurice Wilkins, and Linus Pauling

were other scientists that were highly close to detecting the construction of

Deoxyribonucleic acid at the same clip as Watson and Crick. They all had fundamentally the same

information, nevertheless Watson and Crick, due to opportunity and fortune finished the race

foremost, but non really far in front of their rivals. Watson and Crick admit that

the race to happen the construction of DNA was close, nevertheless their fortune or opportunity

contributed enormously to their accomplishment. Watson and Crick, much like

Darwin achieved their & # 8220 ; illustriousness & # 8221 ; due to mere opportunity, non be aftering.

Watson and Crick were really fortunate that their opportunity or good shot of fortune

did non run out. They were lucky that they conceived the impression to do a three

dimensional theoretical account of the spiral. They were besides lucky that decease did non strike

either of them. Crick provinces, in the book The Double Helix, that, & # 8220 ; If Watson

hour angle

d been killed by a tennis ball I am moderately certain that I would non hold

solved the construction entirely. . . & # 8221 ; ( Watson, p. 143 ) Fortunately Watson was non

killed by a tennis ball and Crick did non hold to chew over the job of Deoxyribonucleic acid

entirely. Both work forces were highly fortunate to hold each other. Again fortune and

opportunity were of import factors in their find, non be aftering.

Charles Darwin was besides lucky that decease did non strike him. Disease is

highly common when going by ship, and by mere opportunity Darwin was non

struck with any life endangering unwellness. Darwin, while going on the Beagle,

could hold contracted any type of disease. Medicines for unwellnesss were non

easy available for ingestion, and frequently the septic patients died. By

opportunity Darwin did non go ailment, if he had possibly the universe would non cognize

about development or natural choice.

Darwin could non & # 8220 ; program & # 8221 ; for the success of his book Origin of the Species. It

was by opportunity that some people agreed with his theory of natural choice.

Darwin stated about his spiritual belief that, & # 8220 ; . . . I bit by bit came to

disbelieve in Christianity as a Godhead revelation. & # 8221 ; ( Darwin, p. 86 ) Darwin

became disillusioned in Christianity due to the fact that several of his closest

friends did non believe in God. Darwin stated about this that, & # 8220 ; I can so

barely see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true. . . the text seems

to demo that the work forces who do non believe, and this is my male parent, brother, and

about all of my best friends, will be eternally punished. And this is a

execrable doctrine. & # 8221 ; ( Darwin, p. 87 )

Darwin went out on a limb when he expressed his incredulity in God and the Bible.

He could non be after for the general populace to hold with his extremist thought. It was

by opportunity that his book became such a success. Both trusters and non-believers

purchased his book. Besides, by opportunity he converted many non-believers into

believing his extremist signifier of idea.

A Cambridge painter one time stated that, & # 8220 ; . . . the of import thing is to be at that place

when the image is painted. And this it seems to me, is partially a affair of

fortune, partially good opinion, inspiration, and relentless application. & # 8221 ; ( Watson,

p. 145 ) This statement holds highly true to Watson and Cricks find of

Deoxyribonucleic acid. Intellect, continuity, and good opinion contributed to their success.

However, fortune and opportunity were the major contributing factors.

Charles Darwin said that his, & # 8220 ; . . . success as a adult male of scientific discipline, whatever this

may hold amounted to, has been determined, every bit far as I can judge, by complex and

diversified mental qualities and conditions. Of these the most of import have

been & # 8211 ; the love of scientific discipline & # 8211 ; boundless forbearance in long reflecting over any

capable & # 8211 ; industry in detecting and roll uping facts & # 8211 ; and a just portion of

innovation every bit good as common sense. With such moderate abilities as I possess,

it is genuinely surprising that therefore I should hold influenced to a considerable

extent the beliefs of scientific work forces on some of import points. & # 8221 ; ( Darwin, p. 145 )

Although Darwin stated his theory with clear and concise statements, it was by

opportunity that people believed him, sing he could non be after for his hereafter


Although planning is slightly of import in scientific research and find,

opportunity plays a much more of import function. Without opportunity most scientific

finds would non hold happened. John Lennon was quoted as stating, & # 8220 ; Life

is what happens as we make other plans. & # 8221 ; Science is much like life. One can

non program for it, it merely takes topographic point.

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