Change Management – Theories and Components

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Nursing is a field that requires a good deal of adaptation by an individual due to its many changes and fundamental processes. An issue in change that is a certainty is that there are going to be reactions to it but one can manage it in order to ensure the projection planned will fall into the correct place (Beitler 2005). While one can enter into the field of nursing with their own idea of what skills are going to be necessary; as well as with many opinions on how various situations should be handled, there always needs to be a good deal of preparedness for any type of change that might take place suddenly, or over time. Furthermore, the area of communication is a key essential, especially if motivating others towards a new direction, is the path that is underway.

Without proper communication in this field of work, there are going to be roadblocks preventing a smooth transition from one way of doing things to a transformation into an improved interpretation of how the work is and should be carried out. There are many different theories for change out there, some more pronounced than others, but one of the best was Lewin’s action research model for change. What this model actually utilizes is a self reflective type of summation, which often surrounds social situations (Infed Encyclopedia 2006). Action research focuses on the participants own thoughts that are formed, again in a reflective manner. This supposedly helps to draw upon a better comprehension of their own practices, so that improved care can be given to others.

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Kurt Lewin is the theorist responsible for coining this type of mentality, “action research”, and through his model, motivation and change in the work place flow rather smoothly, especially in the atmosphere of health care nursing. The reason this theory works so well is it involves an action of planning and fact gathering before proceeding on to the next phase of action. It ensures that all participants are comprehending what is expected of them correctly, and keeps a strong focal point in the area of communication, which again is a necessity in nursing.

The main points to keep in mind when going through any form of an organizational change process, or a minute change is that, through change theory is that, learning moves from one individual to the next, then on to the group unit and finally the whole organization. It can be interpreted as a systematic process at times but now works in ways that provide almost immediate new actions taking place.

The basic idea is to “unfreeze” current methods, so that new ideas and implemented changes can be fixated and put into place and then to “freeze” these new procedures so that they will stick, and those affected by them can learn and become accustomed to the new process involving their work (Rouda 1995).

Strategic planning is a necessity when change is taking place within a group environment. In this way, proper feedback can be given to the top people in the organization. Also, interaction in the planning process for change is essential as well as it gives a hands on feel of how the new methods are going to affect individuals own behaviors (such as if they are going to be favorable of it or not). Often times there can be resistance to change because it is new and questionable but by working together and having communication amongst the group participants, all the kinks can appropriately be worked out for the better. The transition then flows more fluidly than if there were not any type of change theories utilized at all.

Furthermore, Lewin’s theory alone shows that action research is definitely a fundamental process when working in the areas involving human resources ( 2006). Lewin’s classical methods implemented change through educational programs in order to promote changes efficiently. This was then carried over into the group atmosphere. The reason this theory works well in nursing is because this field is group oriented. It is compatible with the nursing philosophy and promotes change far better than any other theory when utilized correctly. It helps in the initiating, and implementation of change, which is what any good organization strives for.

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