Need for Change and Introduction of Change – The Case of RoboCorp

Montex Industries has already requested RoboCorp to consider building robots fitted with optic end effectors that would help in grading oranges.  Seeing that Montex is the third most important customer of RoboCorp, it is essential for RoboCorp not to disappoint the customer.  If RoboCorp fails to build the robotic arm fitted with optic sensors at the end of the arm, it is possible that Montex would approach another designer and builder of robots for industrial purposes.  Moreover, if a competitor of RoboCorp agrees to satisfy the needs of Montex, it is possible for RoboCorp to lose its ongoing business with Montex to boot.  Thus, RoboCorp must consider Montex’s proposal as an opportunity requiring an appropriate response, if not a business problem that demands a solution (Nikols, 2006).

     The new product is sure to add value to the organization.  Ralph Jackson, the CEO of RoboCorp, realizes that other companies, apart from Montex, would be similarly interested in purchasing robots fitted with optic end effectors.  He has already estimated the increase in financial returns that his company would enjoy as a result of building the robotic arm for Montex.  Perhaps he has underestimated the increase in financial returns.  Regardless, he needs to discuss his opinion about the new project with Charlie Grape, the Chief Research and Development Engineer; and Melinda Jacob, the New Product Manager.  Jacob would play an instrumental role in introducing change, as she would assign the project to the design engineers who would have enough time to work on the robotic arm.  RoboCorp should have the robotic arm ready for Montex at the beginning of the year 2005.  Given that there is only one IE, one ChE and a few EE’s at RoboCorp who are already working on the urban search and rescue robot, Jacob would have to arrange their work schedules such that both of the new projects are completed before 2005.


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