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Changing Times Versus Changing People Essay, Research Paper

Changing Times versus Changing Peoples It has been said that while times change, people do non. From my past experiences, and from things that I have learned throughout the old ages, I have to hold with the old statement. I feel that the morality of a individual about ever regulations when it comes to doing serious and of import determinations. Different clip periods can change 1s believing in certain state of affairss to an extent. For illustration, in The Sea and Poison, Nobu Ueda had moved to Manchuria with her new hubby. While she was populating at that place, she noticed that her neighbours on occasion hit their amahs. While Nobu would non normally hit her amah, shortly plenty she started to make so. Her morality was influenced in a manner by the norms and stigmas of her milieus and clip. However, different people react otherwise in different state of affairss. Everyone had free will and the freedom to do their ain scruples determinations. When Suguro and Toda were asked if they wanted to take portion in the vivisection? s, both had agreed at first. After taking clip to believe about what they were really traveling to take portion in, they started to experience awkward. Suguro for case was decidedly holding 2nd ideas about his determination so subsequently repent his determination. On his walk to the infirmary the twenty-four hours the vivisections were to take topographic point, he contemplated on traveling back to his embarkation room. This is his scruples reminding him of his moral criterions. All twenty-four hours before the vivi

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sections, there was nothing for Suguro to do. Suguro and Toda seemed to avoid each other and did not let a word pass between them. When it came time for the ?experiment? on the prisoner, Suguro was not able to follow through on his duties involved in the vivisection. Suguro?s morality triumphed besides the fact that ?everyone else was doing it.? Toda however was able to take part in the vivisection but was somewhat uneasy about the whole experience. The fact that he helped take someone else?s life did not seem to phase him that much. Throughout the book Toda seemed to be more apathetic to such things than Suguro. Toda has no moral strength. That is just the type of person he is. The Old Man felt the vivisection would make a contribution to science. However, after the vivisection takes place, we see the Old Man peering into the operating theater looking troubled. The Old Man feels he was trained to save lives, not take them. In the end all are troubled and destroyed by the vivisection, especially Suguro, but no one reveals their feelings. In conclusion, the decision in general all depends on the particular person. I personally feel that in the case of the vivisection if the right person were asked, they would have declined. Suguro was not able to participate in the vivisection because of his own personal feelings, however, others were able to. If I was asked to participate in the vivisection I would definitely decline the offer, however I am sure there would be others that are distorted enough to do so.

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