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Characters of “Great Expectations”

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In this Five Paragraph Essay, I am going to tell you about three people that hada very firm hold of Pip’s future. The first of these characters is Joe, thekind-hearted young man, who loved Pip very much. Second, is Estella, who is theattractive, cold-hearted young lady whom makes Pip love her all his life. Last,is Miss Havisham, who is the lady whom raises Estella, and makes her hurt allmen, and break their hearts. These three people have a lot to do with Pip’sdestination, as you will now see.

Joe always stood up for Pip. He married Pip’ssister, Mrs. Joe, only because he wanted to have Pip with him. Joe withstood allof Mrs. Joe’s meanness just to be with Pip, even though Pip does not show lovetowards Joe. Joe is not very intelligent, but he is a strong man. He takessatisfaction in being a blacksmith, and he has pride in himself. He believes inintegrity, and he always treats people politely.

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Characters of “Great Expectations”
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An example of how Joe treatspeople, i s at the beginning of the story, when Pip’s criminal is apprehended.

When the criminal says that he is sorry for eatin g the pie, Joe says, “Godknows you’re welcome to it-so far as it was ever mine!”(Pg. 573) Joe helpsPip with anything, he is always with Pip when needed. Joe is one of thecharacters in this story, that Pip will always recollect. Estella is lady who isashamed of her background and the life that she is living. She has beeninstructed, by Miss Havisham, to hurt all of the male race. Estella says thather heart is cold. She is infatuated by beauty, and is loyal for a time to MissHavisham. When she wants something, she usually gets it. She uses Pip, to getother men. She also, uses other men. Here is an example of what she thinks ofthe other men hovering around her, “Moths and all sorts of ugly creatureshover about a lighted candle. Can the candle help it?”.(Pg. 665) Shemarries Pip’s rival, Mr. Drummle, who she is beaten by, and lives a hard life.

When Estella and Pip meet again, it is at the “Satis” House. Estella,has learned how to love, and what it feels like to be hurt. Estella, is thecharacter in this story, that made Pip want to become a gentleman Miss Havishamdespises all men. She had Pip come to her house and play cards with Estella,when he was young. She also, made Estella hurt Pip. An example of how she hurtsPip, and makes him ashamed of himself is when she says, “He calls themknaves jacks, this boy! And what coarse hands he has! And what thickboots!”.(Pg. 581) She took Estella’s heart, and made her have no feelingsat all. Pip continues his visits, until he is apprenticed to Joe. Miss Havishampersuades Pip to tell her what he thinks of Estella, and then taunts him. Herview of love is “Blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, uttersubmission, trust and belief against yourself and against the whole world,giving your whole heart and soul to the smiter, like she did”. She tellsPip to love Estella. She makes Estella physically attract Pip. Miss Havishampushes Estella to the limit, and ends up hurting Estella, and herself as well.

Mis s Havisham, is the one person, in the story that can honestly be called evilIn conclusion to this essay, you can see why these characters, emotionally,mentally and physically, controlled Pip’s life.

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