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Canada, the alleged land of chances. This statement is a known

fact due to the big sum of people immigrating to our state. It all

started back in the 50 & # 8217 ; s and is still happening in the 90 & # 8217 ; s. I will be

discoursing the different working outlooks between Gallic Canadians and

immigrants coming from assorted parts of the universe. I will compare & # 8220 ; Voiceless

People & # 8221 ; by Marco Micone, and White Niggers of America by Pierre Vallieres.

White Niggers emphasizes on the outlook of Gallic Canadian working category and

Unvoiced People emphasizes on immigrant & # 8217 ; s outlook towards working, which in

this instance is the Italian community.

After reading & # 8220 ; Rivalry Over the Ethnic Minorities & # 8221 ; , it was like reading

my ain household & # 8217 ; s past when they immigrated in Quebec back in the early 70 & # 8217 ; s.

Many Grecian immigrants who immigrated from their native state followed the same

form towards happening felicity. Like most of the Gallic, they worked long

difficult hours in bad on the job conditions and non so great wage.

These sweatshops

stand for the first act of action to mount up the societal ladder. But for the

immigrants, it meant much more: they have these occupations in order to salvage up some

money for the hereafter, by a nice house and make the following measure in societal ladder.

Most of the clip, the immigrants would purchase their place in other vicinities ;

they would alter community because it reflected their new societal state of affairs.

Because they have more money, they can travel to an country where people of the same

nationality live. They will go forth the Gallic back in the metropolis where they will

maintain on working long hours because they ne’er saved up or invested their money.

The chief point I & # 8217 ; m seeking to demo is that the immigrants have a stronger

aspiration and desire to go more successful than the Gallic do, possibly because

they are non at place and threatened by others. This is the universe position about

all immigrants have and this construct has a major consequence on their lives.

Unvoiced People is precisely the same scenario for Antonio and his household.

Antonio came here really hapless and unable to talk a word of French. He started

working in mills with really bad wage and even worse working conditions. Just

like the typical immigrant, he ne’er gave up, didn & # 8217 ; t allow anyone set him down,

continued to work because he had an aspiration to go successful and purchase a

house cognizing that he earned it with his ain perspiration. As a fledgling to this

state, he seemed to win with great installation, unlike many Gallic Canadians

who seem someway covetous of the immigrants who tend to win with such bad


This rhythm seemed really effectual for many immigrants and still is. Many

Don & # 8217 ; Ts have a pick, they must work like slaves for several old ages and salvage

about all their net incomes in order to hopefully travel up the corporate ladder. Many

make this really quickly, frequently in merely one coevals from practically slavery to a

professional occupation and respected places. The ratio of immigrants traveling through

the rhythm described above is much higher than the ratio of Gallic Canadian traveling

through the same thing. Like the Rossis and many other Italians, they show more

desire to accomplish wealth.

Now, the outlook issued in White Niggers illustrates the Gallic

working category. It represents the Vallieres household and the adversity they were

populating the 40 & # 8217 ; s. Vallieres & # 8217 ; male parent was still working long awful hours when he

was merely 13. This means that he

hadn’t saved up adequate money to be able to

diminish his working hours ; hence he couldn & # 8217 ; t even pass more clip with his

household. Besides, instruction was non similar when comparing the two narratives. For

illustration, instruction plays a large function harmonizing to Antonio ; he thinks that it is

really of import for Mario to travel to school. He wants him to go to university and

acquire a unbelievable occupation that will do him look good every bit good. But Mario doesn & # 8217 ; T

seem to hold an involvement in prosecuting a calling in school. But in White Niggers of

America, immature Vallieres had a thirst for cognition, he wanted to travel to

university to go a author, but like many other Gallic Canadian parents,

they wanted him to travel to a particular school, Brothers of Christian, for merely two

old ages and acquire a occupation at a bank which would supply immediate income unlike traveling

to university and waiting many old ages before acquiring a steady occupation. But Vallieres

wanted more because he knew he was bright and he truly wanted to go to

university. However, before patronizing to school, he would hold to travel to the

College Classique? but he didn & # 8217 ; Ts have adequate money. Why is it that the Gallic

Canadian male parent could non afford to direct his kid to travel to college and the

immigrant Italian seems to hold? Luck? I don & # 8217 ; t think so. It must be the desire

to be successful. It seems that the immigrants experience more threatened if their

kids don & # 8217 ; t acquire an instruction because they come from immigrated households. On

the other manus, Gallic Canadians experience less pressured because they assume they

are superior and are bound to acquire a occupation in their society, but they & # 8217 ; rhenium incorrect. For

illustration, many of the well respected occupations in Montreal are held by people who & # 8217 ; s

households have immigrated here merely a half a century ago. For case, the

Judaic, Italian and Grecian communities are premier illustrations of what I & # 8217 ; m seeking to

illustrate. An other point is that the ethic community in Montreal is really

strong and practically commanding the economic system.

Another component that I would wish to give my point of position on is the

hatred and jealousy coming from the Gallic Quebecers. For illustration, in Voiceless

Peoples, there was an infusion that had Antonio & # 8217 ; s neighbor contemptuous and naming

him bad names merely because he was an immigrant. I can & # 8217 ; t truly fault his

neighbour because he kind of had a ground to acquire angry due to the fact that many

fledglings took off occupations ; these aliens were willing to work for less money

than the Gallic Canadians. But many indigens would instead travel on societal security

which Antonio would ne’er see. This state of affairs is soon go oning in

Montreal where people are emigrating from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Many

occupants of Canada are knocking these persons, merely as it was go oning

thirty old ages ago.

Chiefly, the point of this essay was to exemplify the universe positions and

outlook between working category Gallic Quebecers and working category immigrants.

These colonists from abroad have a really different attack towards life when they

came here. Many of them take Antonio & # 8217 ; s universe position instead than seeing the universe

position through the eyes of the Quebecers. Outside this universe of economic system, the

Gallic Canadians still run the hazard of being & # 8220 ; extinct & # 8221 ; by the flood of

thirsty immigrants looking for occupations which our employers will lief engage. But

so once more, there will ever be a Jacques Parizeau who will ever happen a defect

in all the cultural communities who seem to work hard and want to go a success

in order to do this state a better topographic point to populate in.

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