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Tourism In Canada Essay, Research Paper

One of the largest industries in Canada is the touristry industry. It is made up of many 1000s of little and big concerns and is in bend, one of Canada ’ s major employers and every bit good a major subscriber to our national wealth. The concerns that compose the touristry industry are hotels, eating houses, travel concerns, diversion and amusement, and humanistic disciplines and cultural concerns. Throughout Canada ’ s environment and economic system, there are many factors that contribute to the success of the touristry industry. They are Canada ’ s abundant supply of natural resources, diverse cultural experiences and twelvemonth unit of ammunition leisure activities. I feel that it is because of these factors that touristry can be identified as an extremely important factor in the perseverence of the third sector.

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The third sector of the labour force is the huge scope of services needed to back up the primary and secondary sectors. It makes up about 70 % of the labour force and contributes about 60 % of Canada ’ s Gross National Product. Within the third sector are many of the concerns that make up the touristry industry such as transit, every bit good as consumer services such as wellness attention, mechanizing, and amusement.

There are three different types of touristry within Canada. They are Adventure/outdoor and eco-tourism, cultural touristry, and heritage touristry. All of these types of touristry can be found throughout Canada and they all are a portion of the third sector. Adventure/outdoor and eco-tourism is the fastest growth and largest type of touristry in Canada. Our natural out-of-door environment nowadayss resources for difficult and soft escapade touristry for by and large basking the beautiful out-of-doorss. Such activities as hike, backpacking, mounting, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, nature survey, wildlife screening, x-country and downhill skiing, snowmobiling, runing, fishing, and many more can be enjoyed throughout Canada ’ s states and districts. Cultural touristry is besides a turning sector in the Canadian touristry industry. Canada has unique chances which the touristry communities are merely get downing to research. Aboriginal communities have important chances in touristry, peculiarly in continuing and observing their civilization and their values. Canada ’ s population is comprised of many diverse civilizations from all around the universe. Observing and showing the civilization of people is a major touristry chance for such things as museums, galleries, executing humanistic disciplines, festivals and events. And in conclusion, heritage touristry within Canada is demonstrated through our legion forestry and wildlife conserves, national, and provincial Parkss. We work hard to conserve and protect these eco-systems so that we will hold the chance to go on to detect and larn from them for every bit long as possible.

The Town of Midland quite energetically recognizes the value of the touristry industry. Midland is good served by the many service groups and organisations who contribute to the growing of the touristry industry in Midland. Midland boasts a rich history. The heritage of this community is apparent through sites such as Discovery Harbour, Huronia Museum, the recreated Indian Village and the Martyrs ’ Shrine Church. Mingled with these sites are the attractive forces of this country ’ s rich cultural history and native lineage. The Georgian Bay Islands National park and Wye Marsh Wildlife Center are attractive forces of involvement to naturalists seeki

ng a wildlife scene. The National historic museums depict a alone history. The chance to cruise on fresh H2O lakes, by ship or schooner. The part has one of Canada’s Great National Parkss and is renowned as a nature Centre. Winters offer snowmobile trails, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing. The local Chamber of Commerce encourage find of the community’s heritage through the native small town and Ontario’s first European community. Golf, unrecorded theater, out-of-door art gallery, taking environmental Centres, the list does travel on.

The significance of all of the above is that many types of adjustment, bus transit services, boat charter for particular responses and excursions, dinner sails and group excersions, all types of dining from “ take out ” to “ all right ” is available, including shopping and other services. All of the attempts to promote the third sector of the Midland tourer industry sustain and support many of the secondary and primary industries of this community. Not merely does Midland hold outdoor and eco-tourism, but it besides has cultural touristry at such constitutions as The Martyr ’ s Shrine, Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, the Huron Indian Village, and heritage touristry at Wye Marsh and Little Lake Park.

Because of the huge natural resources, and the cultural heritage that our community is surrounded by, we are fortunate plenty to be a large portion of the touristry industry in Northern Ontario. Populating on Georgian Bay gives us the chance to witness, first manus, the figure of tourers that diffuse through our country. Even though we may non ever detect it, Midland and environing country basically go around around and possibly even depend on the touristry that runs throughout our country. From my experience as an employee in the touristry industry at Midland Golf & A ; Country Club ( ” MGCC ” ) , I ’ ve noticed that Midland is non merely a popular tourer country, but besides a popular retirement country. Demographic surveies reveal that the largest sector of the Midland population are those persons over the age of 65. A bulk of the members at the MGCC are people who retire here for the summer months at their bungalow on Georgian Bay, and everyone I have asked perfectly loves it here. Even some famous persons such as Kim Mitchell, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell have a bungalow nearby the Georgian Bay/Muskoka part because of it ’ s remote and loosen uping and gratifying qualities. Populating in this country, I think most of us take advantage of what impressive and of import constitutions we have to offer the touristry industry. These are topographic points that I believe everyone should hold the chance to see and larn from. Some schools outside our country, even past Toronto have had the chance to transport their pupils to Midland to detect and larn from the constitutions. Unfortunately, I know of many people who have ne’er been to see this facet of our ain civilization and heritage which I feel is so of import to cognize and understand and is even fun to see.

In decision, Canada ’ s touristry industry ( as besides apparent in Midland ’ s touristry industry ) is going more and more popular because of it ’ s huge natural resources, diverse communities and civilizations, and twelvemonth round cultural and leisure activities. The many factors lending to the success of the touristry industry within Canada ( and more specifically in Midland ) and it is because of these factors that touristry can be identified as an extremely important factor in the perseverence of the third sector.

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