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Child development 8-9 years



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    child development age 8-9 years.
    Social development
    Friendship is important they will pick and choose friends easily might develop close friends of own or opposite sex. They are concerned about group appearance can easily get influenced by peer pressure. Wants to engage in the social world and desire to be a part of a team. Will enjoy being around his peers and have a strong nature desire to be a part of a group whatever it is social group or a sport team.

    Play allows children to develop creatively while using their imagination, it is trough play that children engage in the world around them i.e. role play while playing they practise adult roles. Physical development

    In this stage we see the following changes as in physical development: We see them gaining weight and increasing in height.

    We see them increasing in strength, stamina they coordinate and react faster as large muscles grows in arms legs. The child plays energetic games and sports and gets more enthusiastic about sports games or athletics as they can do things better like changing direction while running fast, throwing more accurately or jumping and climbing better. At this age some children will enter physical maturity early, girls experience puberty earlier than boys. In this stage they could experience first stage of puberty in both sexes, although girls might experience earlier spurts and may be taller and heavier than boys of same age. This is when body image consciousness may start. The child can control his or hers small muscles well and has improved writing and drawing skills. He or she will have lost most of the childhood clumsiness and will have a more graceful and controlled movements. The child can now join letters together to write neatly and draw people with details.


    Will start to develop a sense or a mind of their own they can now think more
    independently and have the ability to reason The child is learning to plan ahead and evaluate what they do The child has an increased ability to remember, pay attention, speak and express their ideas Emotional

    It’s important to praise the child as they might become discourage easily. They will take pride in their competence on knowing what and how things are done. Desire for independence in accomplishments.

    By this age children are more emotionally mature, they become able to handle their frustrations and control emotion like anger outbursts better. This self-control is important to a child’s sense of capability and achievement. Will let go of the nebulous fears.

    At this stage the child will have grown out of the “monster under the bed fierce” but some may feel the pressure into succeeding and might experience anxiety especially about school. They are increasingly independent they still need parents security and support. Communication- language

    Good speech, volume and rate. -The child will have a good speaking rate, pitch and volume. Extensive vocabulary -Speech is fluent almost at adult level with an extensive vocabulary and few grammatical errors. Increasingly verbal – The child is increasingly verbal and enjoying making up stories and telling jokes. Moral

    Many children at this age will want to obey strictly to rules and be fair which can sometimes lead to conflicts as at this stage the child is still learning and developing wrong from right. Start to demonstrate generosity and kindness and could start to empathise with others At this stage the child may focus less on them self and imagine how it feels to be someone else, to see things from another Childs point of view but they still have the trouble understanding the needs of others.

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