Through the Years – 50 Years Ago

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50 years ago people had their own issues, nostalgia seems to rein when looking back in time and people forget the quality of their lives weren’t as great as they are now. Many diseases have been virtually eradicated (i. e. polio, STD’s, etc), communication across the world is freer and faster than ever, and we’ve opened up a world of knowledge at our fingertips that 50 years ago would have been virtually impossible for the average schema to acquire. (i. e. moi = average schmo) We’ve become less innocent and naive, which people just don’t accept at face value whatever info is being fed – especially via politicians.

I think, though, people have become more cynical, bored, less patient, more self-importance is placed on achieving goals immediately and having tantrums (i. e. our societies have become so litigious! ) when someone says “no”. I think 50 years ago people may have been less likely to think their one voice held so much importance. But one has to wonder why societies kept evolving through the ages – always inventing the new wheel, per se. Obviously the peeps weren’t happy enough with their daily grind and kept finding ways to make life easier.

And as easy as we think we have it now, it will keep evolving into something 50 years from now people will be asking your exact question and someone will most likely be able to read your thought and beam it back without use of a computer. 50 years from now people will be lamenting that life was much better then than now. (Isn’t that the way it always is with each generation? ) BUT, I’m very happy to live now instead of then. I’m enjoying my time on earth and hope to be here 50 yrs from now to wonder this same question.

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