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Child Labour and Risks for the Children

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In order to understand the unethical standards in child labour the worse working conditions must be analysed in order to see who is in charge and what are the possibilities in order to stop these conditions. Africa, Congo: Special report: inside the Congo cobalt mines that exploit children: sky news and who is behind this? The multinational corporations of China and America, children are getting maybe 8 British pences a day in unhealthy conditions and going each time further away of their dreams.

Their working conditions are held in tunnels with no support, no safety in order to get minerals and breathing in dust fuels that can lead to serious diseases. The worst is that even children of around 4 years old are obligated to do these things/ physically dangerous work babies are born with infections.

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Child Labour and Risks for the Children
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Who do we need to blame? Even Indians owner selling to CDM these working conditions are so low paid as they are been sold by China that creates batteries and sells them in markets.

These batteries allow the use of smartphones: human right abuses most of these children lives. The sad thing is that we are consumers of this world that wants to spend the lowest income possible. There have been several ways to try and stop this child slavery we can call it even Kimbeliions workers are helping these children by bringing them to schools and making them food: 3 times a day and education. School uniforms bags school books/ but like them there are still hundreds of children being exploited. There are a large amount of children who must be stopped but this is difficult as the families profit from their own children in order to have some food for the whole family. Even due to the revolutions and the influences of war still in these countries as developed countries always are still trying to benefit of their cheap products to sell in developed countries and gain as much income as possible for their companies.

But access to food is affecting the countries severely mal nutrition. Life and death are in threat. “ We are eating grass because there is no food” South Sudan/ UNICEF United Nations: (4 months ago) In the Congo, Africa the children are used to transporting sand. They are forced, working hours from 4:30 to 8 and then from 4 to 7. In Congo (eastern province) hundreds of thousands of people, over half of them who are children have been forced to abandon If they do not work they will not be able to even eat. The UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) and other charities have provided help to displace the area but people are still struggling to survive. Stated by the ILO (international labour organization), there are nearly around 152 million child labourers in 2018 worldwide. 73 million are children who put their health, safety and development in risk India India is the world’s second largest manufacturer and exporter of fashion garments after China, with some 13 million people working in factories within its supply chain alone. India for example only pays 3% of taxes their unemployment rate is 3.8 this means they will keep taking advantage of kids because of their economy if this would not be like this there would be jobs for everybody: • reducing the black money in the Indian market • reducing the taxes Young labours: BBC TWO /BANGLADESH Another exemplary, has been in Bangladesh where there is still a large population of child labour.

For who are they working? Glass recycling company for South Korea for example a 10 year old works the whole day for 30 pence in dangerous super hot conditions, sweating and his own sister is bare foot/ 10-12 people live together, they often steal food from each other.. they need to work in this glass factory for the main reason of not dying of hunger the majority do not have parents or maybe single parents that need profit of their earnings in order to live. Even the old labourers that work in the same factory suggest the children need money to eat if they would not work they will die of hunger. Riskier jobs have come up due to the fashion industries banning the use of child labour. Consumer awareness has come up but the sad news is that now they even work in worse conditions mining and so on, as they need to pay their families in one or a different way if not they would die of hunger. In 2018 Helping Rohingya refugee girls recover from rape and violence/UNICEF Even in refugee camps they are not safe? Due to violence and rape how is this still possible? Child marriage, human traffic, domestic abuse is still happening. A lot of rape takes place in Bangladesh for example even militars, even some womens bodies could be found in 2017. Family killed and a girl at age of 13 has a kid in order to have a stability in her life.

Ewaality for Rohisngya refugees. Parents died and she was married at the age of 11 years. The majority are women and girls from historically oppressed ethnic communities, a large range of Muslim girls are forced to work from home, the majority for long hours and in hazardous conditions, earning as little as 15 cents per hour. (Occidental countries/ India) Males in coal mines for example, dangerous areas, ‘ rat wholes’ therefore the companies are taking advantage of the children as they are small 50m tunnels, hours at a time cutting coal; it is hot and low on oxygen, they do not have adaptable working clothes in order to not harm themselves as well as compensation if somethings happens to them, even die. Rocks can fall (NORTHERN STATE INDIA) Brought to Nepal( brought to boarding schools or different families) Bangladesh etc Transaction of money involved: for their parents- trafficking Begging in street Another example, is in Egypt- Zabbaleen going to extreme situations where a whole town lives surrounded by trash, people live there and there is a variety of different relgions such as: chirsitians and muslims where they do not have a conflicts netiher government, they follow their own rules and always try solve problems peacefully. 10-12 years children start working (refugee collectors etc)

They try and bring as much income from their trash by recycling it and organising it and sending these items to multinational companies who take advantage of the lowest income as possible to create their products. Men work with metal and plastic, A lot of carrying wich brings up back problems and tiredness, full of bacterias 90 per cent of population is poor the other 10 per cent who is not, are responsible of the industry. They also eat pigeons, survive with what they can. Recycling paper, plastic, metal and futher on. They can make 5 different jobs out of it. After, also some of their pieces or still valuable items are sent to the Cairo biggest market next to the rubbish town. Even children benefit of toys that are found in the trash/ parents save up by not buying but finding their children toys. From Zabbaleen trash town.

A whole community in Egypt that lives on rubbish women sort the food waste. Farmers, bus drivers that had to change to these kind of jobs due to war conflicts and no tourism they are being lead to these conditions and the country is not doing anything about it when they also should be blamed for this. Lebanon: Lost childhood: refugee child labor in Lebanon/ DW Feature No gloves used to be onions as they are to big, they are forced on child labour Risks for the children: Child abuse is taking away the opportunity of children to get an education. Instead of studying that is what they should be doing at that age, they are obligating them to leave to fulfil all the work hours they need or study a half programme with the combination of work. But not the work we students are used to, but heavy work that consumes all your energy, physical strengths and becomes unhealthy for your body.

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