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Childhood Memories

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Childhood remembrances are always an undertaking
If you’re a navy brat
You always remember moving around
With you three older sisters and a mother that is so proud
And if you become famous or something
They never talk about how happy you where when came home from deployment How ecstatic you felt to show him all new things
Before he leave again
And some how when you talk about home
It never gets across how much
The peace and happiness in the house because daddy was home and Mommy stopped crying and your sisters stop fighting
And even though you remember
Your biographers never understands
The pain the loneliness of watching father leave again
And never know if he is going to come back or not
And everything goes back to the way it was
And the yelling, the fighting, the crying starts up again
It isn’t your crying and screaming that makes a difference But only the peace and quite clams you down
And your family savers every happy time together
And the happiness of your father coming home
Because they never understand that a father’s love is family’s wealth and they’ Probably talk about my hard childhood and never understand that All the while I was quite happy.

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Childhood Memories
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The scars that are unseen
“It’s hard to keep a secret when it’s written all over your body.

” Julia Hobans. This quote is a part of my life. If someone where to look at my body they would find I have more than my fair share of scares, and on top of that I have lived in the most incomprehensibly breathtaking places in the United States; I’ve also lived in the most distastefully horrid places in the country. But the people and one place that has changed me the most on the inside and as well as the outside in Spring Valley CA. Imagine living in a one bedroom, one bathroom tiny cookie cutter an apartment, in the middle of the Spring Valley projects. You always hear the ear splitting sound of a gun being shot, and the obnoxious screaming of a cop siren going down the street. Then every night when you go to bed something is stabbing you in the back and you don’t dare move because if do then you would lose your spot. That was my life for a good five and a half years until I turned 14 then my whole life changed. When I choose to move out and to live in my friend Kevin in his house still in Spring Valley. Now Kevin was a few years older than I was, but he was like my brother.

Kevin introduced me to Devon, one of his younger friends. He was about my age; about 5.6’ 5.7’ with eyes the color of dark brown leather and skin that had a small tan. While I hung out with them more and more I started to get into horrible things like marijuana, meth, and all other different kinds of drugs. I started to like the feelings that I was getting every time I did any of the drugs made me feel like I didn’t have a care in the world or that I could do anything I wanted to that nothing could stop me. With all this Devon introduced me to new people and places. That had exotic parties and drugs to mach. But as time went on I started to get tired of doing the same thing and I start having to pay more and more to get that much sought out for high. But I couldn’t leave, I didn’t know why then but I know now it was, because I was scared of leaving the one guy who ever really noticed me and showed what I thought was love.

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