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Memories From My Childhood

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When I look over all my old toys, memories of being a child come flooding back; from playing in the woods to swimming in the Sauchi. These remind me of what it was like to be a child. The feeling of absolute freedom and no stress or responsibility. All you do is play until its time for bed. The hardest decision in life was what you were going to play with next. Where have all the carefree days gone?

One thing I will never forget as a child was one summer holiday when I went to the Caribbean.

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Memories From My Childhood
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I remember this clearly because one of the shows on at the hotel was The Lion King. The reason I really liked it was because I was asked to be Simba as a child. Which was fun being on stage even though I was terrified of Scar because he was really big. The one funny thing about it which I will never forget was when I was putting on the lion suit and I had my face painted.

When my face was done I kept asking “Where is my mask?” but they all laughed and said, “Your face is the mask!” I think this event changed me for the better because it was really the first I had been on stage. From then on I’ve always tried to be on stage and this made me able to go on stage without hesitation. Looking back at it now, I realise how stupid I was by asking silly questions without thinking.

As a child, Christmas for me was always exciting I loved opening all my Christmas presents. The most exciting Christmas event was probably about eight years ago. I had just left a carrot, biscuit and a bottle of beer for Santa and the reindeers and I then headed for bed. That night I did not get much sleep because I was wanting a new go-kart and I was really excited. Eventually I fell asleep but woke up at about two o’clock and from then on I kept going through to my Mum’s room every ten minutes asking if I could get up. She just kept repeating the same answer: “Not until four”, but I fell asleep and woke up at five o’clock to my mum shaking me and saying “You have slept in”.
On Christmas.

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