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Chinese Cinderella Summary



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    The Chinese Cinderella story was about a girl named Yehhsien and like the original Cinderella story her mother and her father both died and she was left to her step- mother and step- sisters. Yehhsien’s only friend was a fish her step mom killed. A stranger tells Yehhsien to keep the bones of the fish and when she prayed to the bones she would get what she wanted. One day when the step- mom and her daughters were going to the spring festival they did not allow Yehhsien to come. So she asked the fish bones to give her beautiful golden shoes and a beautiful dress to wear.

    When she went to the festival one of the step sisters recognized her and Yehhsien knew. She took off leaving one of her golden shoes behind. One of the people in the cave picked it up and sold the shoe that later got to the ruler of another kingdom. He searched everywhere for the owner until he found Yehhsien. He took her and her bones back to his kingdom. He married her and prayed to the bones getting treasures without a limit. The next year the bones no longer worked so he buried the close to the shore. They were washed away and the step- mom and the step- sisters were killed by flying stones.

    African Cinderella Summary The African Cinderella Story was about a man who had two wives and both of the wives had a daughter. The wife who he could not abide became ill and died a fatal death. Cinderella was taken over by her step- mom and her dad who treated her like a slave. Her family did not feed her the food that she prepared they gave her the scraps. She did not eat the food herself she gave them to the frogs that lived in the burrow- pit. In exchange for her treating them so nice they were going to do something nice for her for the festival. She was told to come the next morning but she never showed.

    The frog waited all day and when she finally came the frog and she both jumped in the water and the frog swallowed her and spit her back out until she was perfect. The frog gave her new clothes, jewels, and a gold and silver slipper. She was told to leave her gold slipper at the festival by the frog, and off she went. Cinderella and the chief’s son talked until people started to leave. She left her slipper like she was told and went back to the pond. The frog swallowed her and spit her out until she was the same sorry, ragged girl. The chief’s son found the slipper and knew that the girl who wore the slipper was the girl he wanted to marry.

    They searched all over town for a girl that could fit that slipper. They found Cinderella and the chief’s son wanted to marry her. The frog gave her gifts and told her some directions to help her become close with the chief’s son other wives. They dug a well close to her hut and the frogs came to live there. The Native American Cinderella The Native American Cinderella was about a Native American girl whose older sisters hurt her and makes fun of her. The two older girls are looking for an invisible King, but instead the rough face girl finds him and marries him.

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