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Chinese Culture Research Paper The Dragon

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Chinese Culture Essay, Research Paper

The Dragon Boat Festival

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Chinese Culture Research Paper The Dragon
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Dragon boat racing is more than an exciting H2O athletics. It is besides a really

dynamic portion of the Chinese folklore and civilization. Chinese people traditionally regard the

firedrake as a great animal that has been presiding over the H2O. It besides represents the

symbol of power. The emperor of the Chinese land would have on a rope that has a

firedrake on it, to do himself powerful. Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan is celebrated by

Dragon boat racing, eating rice dumplings, and have oning little little scented battalion.


we re making this? After cognizing a small history behind it. I found that the fable was non

merely interesting but besides meaningful.

About 2300 old ages ago, during the warring provinces period, there was a well

respected poet and solon called Qu Yuan, he served the Chu dynasty with love

and unity. The people loved him so much. But he committed self-destruction by submerging

himself in the Mei Lo river to protest the corrupted government of the Chu emperor.

A fisher who saw him raced out to salvage him, but failed. So him ran back to the small town

to name for aid to salvage Qu Yuan. They jumped into their ain boats and raced to the

topographic point but couldn T find Qu Yuan. At this clip, their boat were long and narrowand the

people who were rich had dragon in forepart of it. Rushing out to sav

vitamin E Qu Yuan was

reenacted in the signifier of firedrake boat races and is celebrated on the 5th twenty-four hours of the fifth

month in the lunar calendar. Each anniversary dragon-headed boats race out on the Waterss

to mark Qu Yuan and to frighten away devils.

The rice dumplings are called Ma Chang or Tzung tza.The innovation of

the Tzung Tsa besides started during that clip. Because people who loved Qu Yuan so

much, was afraid that the hungry fishes and lobsters in the sea will eat his organic structure. So they

started wrapped rice in the bamboo leaves threw it in the river to forestall them from

eating Qu Yuan s organic structure. That s why we eat Tzung tza today in order to retrieve Qu


The legen of have oning small scented battalion is used to forestall evil liquors. Does it

truly work? I don & # 8217 ; cognize. But what I do truly cognize is that the aroma inside the small

battalion has a peculiar chemical ingredient that could forestall the organic structure from being bitten

by some insects during that season of the twelvemonth.

Dragon is the most venerated of the Chinese people so it symbols power and

authorization. Peoples in the acient clip besides believed that it brings fortune. The public presentation of

these firedrake boat races show a community dedication to it s God. In return, the members

of the community will be protected from unfriendly liquors of the sea and blessed with

felicity and prosperity.

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