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“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” Film Analysis

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  • Pages 3
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    The storyline of the famous Crouching tiger, hidden dragon revolves around the Green Destiny sword. In the movie, a Wudan warrior Li Mu Bai is on a course to deliver the legendary Green Destiny sword to his trusted Friend Sir Te. Li Mu Bai meets with Yu Shu Lien and trusts her with the infamous sword with an instruction that she delivers it to Sir Te. The sword is eventually stolen by a masked thief who later in the movie, one realizes that the thief is Jen Yu, Governor Yu’s daughter.

    When the sword is stolen, it is important to note that hiding what you have is amazing because you keep it from those who also want it. Therefore, if one knows something, keeping that knowledge from those who don’t deserve to know it is brilliant to do.

    In-depth Review

    The Wudan masters teach the values of loyalty and morality to their students. The virtue of loyalty comes becomes evident when Li Mu says that finally, he can take revenge for his master’s death after he finds out that Fox is in Beijing. In the movie, Fox is responsible for his master’s death. Only a loyal student can have the desire of taking revenge on a fallen master. (Hiu-ling, W., $ Schamus, J. 2000).

    The sword in the movie symbolizes power. It becomes evident after we see various characters trying so hard to grasp it. Those who do, such as Jen Yu become invisible with it. They end up destroying every weapon they come across with it.

    Li Mu is searching for his freedom. After many years of being radical, he feels that it is time for him to get a new life. In his quest to deliver the sword to his best friend Sir Te and avenge his master, he ends up dying. I think that Li Mu ends up finding his true freedom after all. He dies with the desire to teach Jen the ways of Wudan because he wants to make Jen a better warrior. Jen had secretly been learning the ways of Wudan. This makes her a smart warrior. Most warriors believe in what they want and then set out to get it without saying much about it. (Hiu-ling, W., $ Schamus, J. 2000).

    In the movie, masters live with honor. Yes, the honor of preserving the ways of Wudan and passing them on to suitable students. For this reason, a master has to be detached from the material world. This is because attachment to it makes a master lose focus. Li Mu had to give up his love for Shu lien because it could make him have little or no complete focus on his course. (Hiu-ling, W., $ Schamus, J. 2000).

    Li Jen had already become a master in physical combat without having the appropriate virtues that make one a complete master. When she fights with Li Mu on the bamboo, it symbolizes her initiation into mastery. Every fight scene in the movie is fought when something is being fought for. In various fights, the characters were fighting for the symbolic sword. (Hiu-ling, W., $ Schamus, J. 2000).

    Women in the movie are fighting for power and the ability to be master the ways of Wudan. Although they are denied that opportunity. In the movie, Jen Yu gets an opportunity to become one. This opens a new path for women. The chance to be masters. When Jen Yu is asked by Jen Yu to promise her that she will be true to herself. She means that she should be a complete master. Real and free from attachments because attachments prevent on from becoming a complete master. This answers the one question why Jen had to leave Lo in the end. She had become a master and her love for Lo would be an obstacle in her way. That is why she jumped off the bridge. I am pretty sure she survived! (Hiu-ling, W., $ Schamus, J. 2000).


    Movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon can be used to offer lessons to youths. It can help them understand the essence of being true to themselves and becoming great people in their lives. It has an inspiring storyline.

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