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Chinese Culture Research Paper Throughout China

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Chinese Culture Essay, Research Paper

Throughout China ’ s

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Chinese Culture Research Paper Throughout China
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incased history it has developed much otherwise than

western parts of the universe. Chinese civilization varies greatly

compared to ours. These great differences between eastern

civilization and western civilization make China a really interesting

topographic point. Some of the huge differences include literature, societal

construction, and authorities. The greatest difference is

Chinese doctrine and manner of thought. China has

developed a rigorous system of tradition that has given China

great advantages and disadvantages.

This is shown in

Chinese literature. Tradition in China is a set of unwritten

Torahs. This is why China turned its eyes from the exterior

universe and looked in. China found everything it needed in

Tradition ( 4 ) . The strong traditions and imposts play

likely the greatest factor in the life of a Chinese individual.

This rigorous doctrine influences matrimony, kids, household,

and responsibility in life. Marriage is much different and has different

degrees of company. One adult male may hold many married womans

and or courtesans. The position of these married womans and courtesans

are really of import. The lower you are on the hubby ’ s list

the lower you were treated ( 1 ) . When in a matrimony if you

were holding kids a boy would be most desirable for you

to hold. You would be thought better of if you produced a

boy. This shows the male laterality in Chinese civilization.

Once a boy was born the outlooks for him were great.

He was supposed to larn all great literature and be really

scholarly ( 2 ) . A miss, besides was supposed to be rise to

appreciate art and literature. Most of all though kids

were supposed to esteem tradition. The traditions gave one

a feeling of non the person but the whole as a group.

Peoples grew up cognizing their portion in the universe and strive to

make that well. They learn to admit their emperor as the

“ Son of Heaven ” ( 4 ) . Everything person does, is done for

their county, and their responsibility in life. Chinese literature shows

that when everything is done for tradition and the person is

non precedence, many people get forced into a difficult and unjust

life style. This is shown in the film “ Raise the Red Lantern ”

when the tradition made the lives of four married womans rigorous and

dependant on the maestro and whom he chose each dark.

Their lives were so rigorous on tradition that one of the married womans

lost her life because that is what tradition said should go on

if she broke a regulation ( 1 ) . In other instances nil degree Celsius

ould be

learned or changed because of the limitation of tradition.

Such was in the film “ The Forbidden City. ” In this film it

besides showed how the imposts of the courtesans and unics

were really compressing to their lives ( 3 ) . In the book “ Six

Records of a Floating Life ” tradition creates the

impracticality of a trial for magistrates that is strictly literary

but decides the caput of a certain country of land ( 2 ) . In China

tradition and imposts has done a batch but has hindered the life

of many of its people. Finally after 1000s of old ages, the

withdrawn China was being seen by the western universe.

Soon after, European adventurers easy started oozing in.

China tried to maintain aliens out eventually with force but the

old traditional arms of the Chinese were no lucifer for

the technologically advanced Europeans. So after Europe

defeated Chinese forces and got their pes in the door to

China they slow started to come in. After the Chinese saw the

new aliens they started “ oppugning their ain

authorities, doctrine, and societal systems ” ( 5 ) . When the

aliens started to construct mills and to get down deriving

power the Chinese “ recognized that if their state was to

protect itself against foreign domination, it would hold to

go a modern state ” ( 5 ) . This new ground to reform

finally brought about the Communist Revolution. The

Communists did off with many of the old traditions and

started to overhaul the state. A new coevals brought

new thoughts, and engineering easy started to replace tradition

( 6 ) . China easy started opening its eyes to the remainder of the

universe. China has come a long manner in the past 50 old ages, from

a recluse state run by tradition, to a major modern

society. This has given its people a opportunity to take their

ain fate and to be unfastened to the remainder of the universe. China ’ s

strong heritage and cognition of the past show that China is

now and will be in the hereafter a great universe power. Plants

Cited ( 1 ) Movie: “ Raise the Red Lantern ” . ( 2 ) “ Six Records

of a Floating Life ” By Shen Fu, Advisory Editor: Betty

Radice. Published 1983 by Penguin Books. ( 3 ) Movie: “ The

Forbidden City ” . ( 4 ) Lecture On China: Mrs. Larsen

11-27-96. ( 5 ) The Human Expression: World Regions and

Cultures. Paul Thomas Welty and Miriam Greenblatt,

Published 1992 by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. ( 6 ) “ The Joy

LuckClub ” , Amy Tan, Published 1989 By The Ballantine

Printing Group.

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