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Christian worldview. The first is the question of origin, this explains such topic as how did life begin, and how did humans come to exist. The biblical worldview says that “everything that exists, including humans, is the result of God,” (Wider & Guttering, 2013). This can be proven by the following scriptures, Genesis 126 and Anemia 9:6. The next is the question of identity; this answers such questions as are humans on a higher level than animals, and what exactly does it mean to be human.

This can be answered as “although the earth and animals are to to be worshiped, mankind is responsible to take care of God’s creation,” (Wider & Guttering, 2013). There are several scriptures that support this idea, such as James 3:7 and Genesis 7:21 . The third question asked to determine a person’s worldview is the question of meaning/purpose, this asks questions like why humans exist. The biblical worldview says “the purpose of mankind is to know God,” (Wider & Guttering, 2013). Acts 17:27 and Romans 8:1.

The fourth question is the question of morality, this answers such questions as what is considered right and wrong in the world. Most people answer this question through their religious texts. Several scriptures such as Romans 13:8-10 and James 4:17 are excellent examples of morality. The last question is the question of destiny; this means what will happen after death. The biblical worldview says that there are ‘two eternal states for all human beings: Heaven and Hell,” (Wider & Guttering, 2013). Revelation 21:1-27 and Matthew 25:41 are scriptures that support this worldview.

These five questions are can be asked and answered to help determine a person’s biblical/Christian worldview. My biblical worldview should influence how I treat and speak to others on a daily basis. Ephesians 4:32 says “be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. ” I strive each day to treat others the way want to be treated. I encourage myself and others to treat people with consideration and respect. My biblical worldview should also influence how I treat and interact with the environment around me.

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