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Christians Call to the world

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Oscar RomeropicOscar Romero was looked up to for what he did for that country especiallythe poor. Oscar Romero was killed for his country and for everything thathe stood for he told his country all about the government and the terriblethings that were going on. Oscar Romero would do so many things to help thepoor and that is why so many people adored him. Oscar Romero’s life isimportant to the country and everyone that new him admired for all that hedid.

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Christians Call to the world
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Oscar Romero is importuned to the country that he lives in, therelationship between the people he had there was very close because he wasloved by so many people. For hundreds of years his country he lived in hadproblems dealing with religion. The Catholic has always been helpful andsupportive to the poor. Many priests and nuns spoke out against it, and forthat, the government killed many religious people. The government did notcare about the poor people, and the government did not want the priests andnuns to help the poor.

When Oscar Romero became the archbishop Salvadorwere he lived he began to help many poor peopleOscar Romero had the normal family life he was born on the 15th of August1917. Oscar was born into a large family of five (brothers and sisters). Itwas important that Oscar Romero would be baptized until he was at least twoafter he got out of school his father had planned for him to be acarpenter. Oscar Romero had other ideas. Oscar Romero wanted to dosomething that he would enjoy such as a priest. Since Oscar Romero was alittle boy, he had all ways wanted to be Catholic.

Oscar Romero was continuing his education after a few mouths he was toldthat his father passed away. It was a hard time in Oscar’s life. When Oscarwas over his father’s death he was then able to help his country inSalvadorThe government controlled everything that Oscar Romero was doing. Thegovernment told the priests what to tell the people.

Oscar became friends with a priest called Father Rutillo Grande. He wasalso a priest. One day when he was driving to church, Father Grande wasshot. What had happen to his friend Father Rutillo Oscar Romero was moreagainst the government. He did exactly what he wanted to do and saidexactly what he wanted to say,One day Oscar Romero wrote pastoral and was given then out at church, andthe letter said exactly what the government was doing and what was going onwith their country. As Oscar Romero was very brave, he was able to tellmore and more the truth about the government.

Oscar Romero also thought up of the idea of a the church where people wouldcome together and talk about what was happening outside of the church theletter that Oscar Romero wrote the government was not happy about.

On the 24th of March 1980 Oscar Romero was in church preparing for a masswhen he was shot. Some of his nuns ran up to the altar, but many stayeddown in the church they were shocked to think that someone would do that tohim. One of the last things Oscar Romero said was this “God’s reign isalready present on our earth in mystery. When the Lord comes, it will bebrought to perfection. That is the hope that inspires Christians. We knowthat every effort to better society, especially when injustice and sin areso ingrained, is an effort that God blesses, that God wants, that Goddemands of us.”Even though the death of Oscar Romero was a shock to the people of hiscountry Salvador, Oscar Romero knew that the government was after of himbecause he was going against the government. After Oscar Romero’s death thecountry of Salvador was changed.

Oscar Romero had many things to offer in his country. He showed them thathe wanted to help a lot of people and that he cared. Oscar Romero showedthem what he could do if he did not believe in something, he showed themhow to fight and even die for what you believe in. Oscar taught them tonever give up. He gave the people who had no say, a say and cared so much,and he supported them. Oscar Romero was a great man he did the right thingsat the right time for the country of Salvador.

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