Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast: Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays are always celebrated no matter religion, beliefs, or culture. Some are recognized more than others but none two are as highly recognized like the cherished Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. The pair may seem vastly different, as they are two completely separate occasions, but in actuality they do share very similar attributes. Many of the similarities and differences are about to be explained, so here goes. Christmas like Thanksgiving believe it or not, do happen to share many traits.

One major factor that the two own is the warmth and love of bringing family and close friends together. It’s the few times a year that everyone has a reason to all gather around to celebrate the holiday cheer. Sometimes just the simple fact of having the comfort of your closest family members and friends can make Christmas and Thanksgiving all that much better. One simple eye-appealing way to make both the festivities really feel authentic is by decorating. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two very prominent holidays for bringing out all the wonderful seasonal decorations.

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For Thanksgiving time you might see pumpkins arranged on the front lawns or a scarecrow propped up on a tree or even wreaths made out of the fallen leaves from trees. On the other hand, around Christmas time gleaming red, white, blue and green strings of lights hanging from gutters of homes, Santa Claus and his reindeer stooped accordingly in the yard, and red and white stripped candy canes lining front walks are all quite natural to see around this time. Decorations such as these make these pair of holidays really stand out. Food is part of the traditions for these celebrations.

Well, twice a year you can always look forward to having a gigantic feast made big enough to feed an army. Although the menu varies from one holiday to the next, they both boast a big course meal. Typically, a Thanksgiving feast may consist of the traditional roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, seasoned, fluffy dressing, tasteful sliced cranberry sauce and you can’t forget the amazing pumpkin pie for dessert. Like Thanksgiving, Christmas also has their main dish and it’s a huge oven cooked ham that is complimented by very many side dishes but never the less followed up by the famous Christmas time eggnog.

Both wonderful holidays put up magnificent feasts for family and loved ones to gather around and enjoy. Of course receiving gifts is nice, but only one of these two occasions to gifts get brought in the picture. Christmas claims the attribute as every year gifts are exchanged among family, friends, co-workers, etc. Every Christmas morning kids and adults alike rush to unwrap presents that are specially marked with their names on it. As where Thanksgiving takes a little different approach, no gifts but instead just grasp what you’re thankful for.

Being only one month apart in date, Christmas and Thanksgiving have two very different seasons. In November, when its considered fall, leaves have changed colors, the temperature has dropped some and the air brings crisp breezes. Often than not, you’ll see hay rides being offered, corn mazes and folks not quite in their full winter attire. But when Christmas time rolls around snow has fallen, not a trace of leaves on the trees and a bit too cold for hay rides and corn mazes. This would be one month later, in December, where you will see town’s people bundled up in their warmest winter gear, building snowmen or making snow angels.

Two individual seasons that are one month apart for two separate holidays, doesn’t seem like the change would be that drastic. One wouldn’t think television would get brought up into such occasions, but rather it does. From one holiday to the next, the television lineup listing is drastically different. For example, on Thanksgiving Day the program listings are full of football. More than most times on Thanksgiving Day, family and friends will enjoy their turkey and dressing then head into the living room to finish the day off watching football, set to cheer on their favorite teams.

As far as Christmas day is concerned television wise, all you might find is the same programs that are on year after year which consist of the old classic Christmas movies and shows. The television waves differ everyday throughout the year but when it comes to these holidays here you can always count on tried and true football or Christmas classics to be on. Between them both, Christmas and Thanksgiving do have very many characteristics that are alike but yet different but both are as equally amazing and joyous times of year that you can always look forward to. Which is your favorite?

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