Holidays: Family and Thanksgiving

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Various holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, are celebrated worldwide. These holidays bring happiness to people who add their unique touch to the celebrations. Personally, I enjoy spending most of these holidays with my family or friends as it enhances the overall experience. Among all the yearly holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite because it holds great importance throughout the United States as a day dedicated to expressing gratitude for life’s blessings.

Thanksgiving, also referred to as Turkey day, is a moment to savor delectable food and witness an exhilarating football game. Personally, it provides me with an opportunity to show appreciation to my family for their tremendous support and benevolence towards both myself and others. The previous year’s Thanksgiving holds a special place in my memory as it was brimming with happiness, laughter, harmony, and incredible dishes. The festivities commenced on the evening preceding Thanksgiving when my relatives from different regions of Virginia gathered at my residence to commemorate the holiday collectively.

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Upon opening and closing the door, I was greeted by a different person each time. It was remarkable to find uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time all congregated there. To my surprise, we had enough room to accommodate everyone. We made the collective decision to head to the park for an immense football match where elderly men would face off against young children – including my uncles, cousins, brothers, father, and myself.

Despite our loss due to the old guys making one final play, we still found the game to be highly enjoyable. Our spirits remained high as we had a great time tackling and laughing together. Later that evening, my cousins and I had an amazing experience playing Call of Duty. It was truly remarkable gaming with them as we all had similar skill levels and performed exceptionally well against online opponents.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and my mom and I were up early. We prepared a lavish breakfast buffet for the rest of our family, using up everything in our fridge.

Upon waking up, the family was astonished by the abundance of food available. Excitedly, they quickly served themselves and gathered around to enjoy a delectable breakfast. Despite being tasked with washing all the dishes, I didn’t mind as I actually enjoy doing them. Once finished with the chore, I found my parents already busy preparing the turkey and other dishes for the upcoming grand dinner. I contributed by seasoning everything and even created my signature mashed potatoes with my own secret gravy, which as usual turned out tasty.

It was around noon when my parents started cooking the turkey. While they were busy in the kitchen, my cousins and I headed to the park to play basketball. We teamed up against my girl cousins and intentionally allowed them to score some shots. The game was enjoyable as we all had a great time goofing around and discussing random topics. We spent most of the day at the park, engaging in playful activities and unwinding. As the football game approached, everyone eagerly anticipated it, being ardent fans of the Dallas Cowboys, except for me who held an opposite view.

My older brother, Walter, was very angry at the Cowboys’ poor plays during the game. However, I was happy about Cowboys’ terrible performance, though my other cousins were upset. The moment had finally arrived for the magnificent feast my parents had prepared for our entire family. All of us gathered around our long table, and I had concerns about there not being sufficient seats for everyone. Surprisingly, there were leftover seats available. My parents placed all the food on the table, and as my dad carved the turkey, we each expressed our gratitude by going around the table and sharing what we were most thankful for.

I expressed my gratitude to everyone for their presence in the room and the joy that their togetherness brings me. Once everyone had shared, we enjoyed an exceptionally delicious Thanksgiving feast. Each dish, especially my mother’s apple and pumpkin pies, was incredibly tasty. We were all too full for seconds by the end of the meal. I felt content knowing that this Thanksgiving included meaningful family time and a fantastic meal. The only task remaining was to wash all the dishes.

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