Briefly About the Major Cities of America

San Francisco

City and County of San Francisco founded in 1776, is the 12th most thickly settled metropolis in USA and is located in the largest province, California. It is non merely known for its beauty, the turn overing hills, the chilly summer, but besides for its historical landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the overseas telegram autos and Chinatown. Alongside history, there is a batch of modern architecture which symbolizes the diverseness nowadays in the metropolis.

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San Francisco is known for its culturally rich history, from being invaded by the Spanish, the Gold Rush that led the metropolis into a rapid growing and development. Disaster struck in 1906 when the temblor destroyed the metropolis. Rehabilitation was done quickly to reconstruct the development of the metropolis. San Francisco is besides known for the major function played in the World War Two. It subsequently became the Centre for broad motions like Gay Rights, and Summer of Love.

This metropolis, named after Saint Francis of Assisi, is a diverse metropolis and offers all kinds of civilizations. It offers major diverseness in art, music, festivals, museums and architecture. Two of the major sets, Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane started out from San Francisco. Peoples who largely live here include the immigrants who have late shifted to the US, the foreign born urbanites and Power Singles who have high income urban singles. Similarly, in nutrient, there are all types of culinary arts available, in all monetary value scopes. From Hard Rock Cafe , to the best Chinese Restaurant, to Chez Papa ( French eating house ) all can be found in this one metropolis.

The cool summer, Mediterranean clime metropolis, San Francisco attracts the 3rd largest figure of tourers in USA in twelvemonth. The chief tourer attractive forces include Pier 39, Fisherman ‘s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard and the Exploratorium among many others. After sight-seeing, to roll up keepsakes from the beautiful metropolis of San Francisco, one should see Union Square Shopping and Westfield San Francisco Centre for the San Francisco shopping experience. After an stimulating twenty-four hours spent on the inclining roads of the metropolis, one should retire in Grant Plaza hotel, or Claremont Hotel & A ; Spa to review before the start of another twenty-four hours in the fantastic San Francisco.

New York City

” A metropolis that ne’er sleeps ” defines the hustle hustle of the largest metropolis in the universe. The Centre of commercialism, media, civilization, art, finance, research, instruction, and amusement, this metropolis has a major impact on remainder of the universe.

The metropolis spread over 6,720 sq. stat mis is host to more than 22.2 million people ( 2009 ) . The diverseness nowadays in the metropolis can be measured by the 800 different linguistic communications spoken here. With such different nationalities present in the state, there is a mix of all the civilizations from all over the universe. Peoples have brought the best of their state with them, from the nutrient to the frock, to the linguistic communication. There is common regard for all civilizations at that place. Cuisine from every state is really easy to happen at that place, from the Arabian Kebabs, to the Italian Lasagna, to the Chinese Soup, etc.

New York has roots get downing from 1624, where it started as a trading station by Dutch settlers. It has been a major trading station since so. It is besides a host to the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the international fiscal market. Among many of the major landmarks that have attracted people to the mammoth metropolis include the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the Gallic which has welcomed immigrants since the nineteenth century. Time Square is renowned all over, and 1000s of tourers visit this on a day-to-day footing. The best theater is found on Broadway Theatre. Few of the top universities like the Columbia University are besides present in the metropolis, along with NYU and Rockefeller University.

This metropolis is for those who like mild summers and cold winters, appreciate rain, the heat of the sunshine and the softness of snow. Other than all seasons, NYC offers all types of amusement from the dark life, to the escapade parks to flip scrapers to museums and to big Parkss.

All the major trade names from the manner universe are present in Manhattan to pull the manner witting for shopping here. Objects, keepsakes, handcrafts, frocks from all over the universe can be bought in the chief shopping countries of New York City. Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Time Square Shopping are among the few which have all of these present. After the rubber-necking, and the shopping, hotels like Hilton, Sheraton, and Hyatt are present at that place for a peaceable dark ‘s slumber. Low-cost motels, bed and breakfasts are besides available.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the metropolis of casinos, gaming, dark life, all right dining, and keen resorts is known as the “ City Of Lights ” . It prides on being the Entertainment Capital of the World. It is located in the province of Nevada, which has relaxed regulations sing grownup amusement compared to many other provinces of USA. That is one of the chief grounds it has flourished as the “ sin metropolis ” as popularly known to many people.

This desert metropolis has semitropical arid clime which has an copiousness of sunlight all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. 70 % of the people in Las Vegas are White, 10 % are black and 5.5 % are Asiatic. The civilization is of openness, encouragement of art in every signifier. This can be seen from the tradition of “ First Friday ” in Las Vegas, when on the first Friday of every month, the plants of the local creative persons is out on show for everyone to see and appreciate.

Other than the casinos, the hotels besides form a big portion of the attractive force for the tourers. The hotels which are the most celebrated include Caesars Palace, Plaza Hotel & A ; Casino, El Cortez, Planet Hollywood, Fremont Casino, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, etc. Different hotels are based on different subjects and have the architecture and the inside based on that. For illustration, Caesars Palace represents the Roman Times ; Aladdin represents the Arabian Culture, etc.

After the dark life and a unit of ammunition of unending chancing, many of the people have been married in Las Vegas in the celebrated White Chapel which has been used in many films and soaps. The profitable chancing leads to impulse shopping which can be done at the Town Square Las Vegas, Bass Pro Shops and Palazzo Las Vegas Shopping. Las Vegas is known all right dining, hence, when you go to metropolis for barbeque, travel to B.B. King ‘s Blues Club in Mirage, Postrio Bar and Grill in The Venetian. This is a metropolis which has room for a batch of activities which are banned elsewhere. It has enveloped a batch of concerns which have given employment to many, but are looked down upon elsewhere. It is a sin metropolis, which is more unfastened to different civilizations, sentiments, beliefs than many others.


Located on the Coast of Atlantic Sea, in the province of Florida, is a metropolis known for its beautiful white sand beaches. The tropical conditions, the elongated seashore attracts tourers from all around the universe. This Cruise Capital of the World has been offering the figure one sail services to riders to all over the universe. Servicess have included the largest sail ships.

Miami is an of import fiscal Centre in USA. It is particularly self-praises of a strong international concern community. It is besides considered a beta universe metropolis ” . Other than the fiscal chances that it offers to the universe, it besides offers many beaches, more than 50 sky scrapers, universe ‘s busiest ports, executing art centres, museums, Parkss, keen local music like reggae, soca, kompa, fairy-slipper, etc. Due to its extended coastline, assorted H2O activities are offered in the metropolis, which include scuba diving and snorkel diving among other popular 1s. Other attractive forces include I-Max movies, amusement Parkss, etc.

This tropical monsoon climatic metropolis is hot in the summers and warm in the winters. It offers short effusions of rain at short, irregular intervals, supplying a alleviation to the summer starved people of the North. It is a popular tourer topographic point for people who like sightseeing in heater conditionss.

Among the many linguistic communications spoken in Miami, the most widely spoken is Spanish. Other than its alone conditions and beaches, it besides has a alone accent popularly known as the Miami speech pattern ” . The topographic points to shop in this tropical metropolis include the Dolphin Mall, which is near the airdrome and has more than 200 eating houses and shops. The Fall is an unfastened air promenade, Sawgrass Mills has many factory mercantile establishment shops and offers branded merchandises at discounted monetary values. For tourers, the topographic points to remain include Hilton, Four Seasons, Doral Golf Resort and Spa.

Food has become an of import tourer attractive force in Today ‘s universe. Miami is the topographic point where New World Cuisine took birth. The nutrient has different gustatory sensations, olfactory property, and flavoring from everyplace else. It has many topographic points which are celebrated for its nutrient, they include Joe ‘s Stone Crabs, Emeril ‘s Miami Beach, News Cafe among many others.

Garrison Myers

Fort Myers is the commercial Centre of Lee County, Florida. The metropolis was established in 1850 as a military garrison. The metropolis experienced its first existent estate roar, after the building of its Tamiami trail span which is built across the Caloosahatchee River in 1924. Fort Myers offers many attractive forces and activities for tourers of all ages ; golfing, ice-skating, museums, Parkss etc. In add-on there are legion beaches and resort hotels in business district Fort Myers.

Fort Myers is home to military veterans and ground forces functionaries and is known as the place of the brave. Well-known people who originate from Fort Myers are Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. Garrison Myers has a warm and humid clime with ocean zephyrs. Winter is the peak tourer season in Fort Myers with temperature runing from 300C to 240 C. Average one-year rainfall is recorded to be 54 inches.

The people of Fort Myers yearly celebrate Edison ‘s birthday on the 11th of February with two hebdomads of city-wide jubilations and at the terminal of the two hebdomads the Grand Parade of Light is held. Medieval Fairs is based on British mediaeval history. There are drives for the childs and pun competitions for older people.

There are plentifulness of attractive forces for you in Fort Myers that will maintain you in awe of this beautiful metropolis. Some of the well-known attractive forces are Fort Myers Historical Museum.The museum houses all information about the early colonists of Southwest Florida and a wide-range of artifacts. Exhibits inside the museum include a private Pullman rail auto and a reproduction of a cracker house.

The other attractive force is Imaginarium Hands-on Museum. The imaginarium offers merriment non merely for the childs but for the whole household. This scientific discipline museum has more than 60 attractive exhibits for tourers including environment and conditions natural philosophies.

There are legion shopping Centres in Fort Myers and a few good known Centres include Edison shopping promenade ( Colonial Boulevard ) , Tanger mercantile establishment Centre ( Summerlin Road ) , Royal Palm square ( Colonial Boulevard ) , Miromar Outlets ( Miromar Outlets Boulevard ) and Ortiz Flea market ( Ortiz Avenue ) .

There are legion hotels in Fort Myers that suit the budget and lifestyle demands of a diverse group of tourers. Some of the most popular tourer resorts and hotels include Howard Johnson Inn, Country Inn & A ; Suites by Carlson Sanibel Gateway, Hampton Inn and SpringHill suites by Marriott.

Capital of hawaii

The province of Hawaii, which is known for its fantastic beauty and its beaches, has Honolulu as its capital. “ Honolulu ” literally means a sheltered topographic point. This metropolis is the most populated metropolis in the province and the 57th largest metropolitan country in the United States. It is besides the 2nd most expensive metropolis in the United States. Honolulu refers to the urban country which is located on the southern shore of the island of Oahu.

The first grounds of colony in this country has dated back to the twelfth century which has been determined from the artefacts found. It was the Polynesian migrators which foremost took abode here.

In 2006, 140,337 families bing in the metropolis, out of which 29.7 % consisted of persons. The mean size of the household was of 3.23. The mean income for a household was recorded to be at $ 45,112. Most of the people populating here are Whites. The major beginning of income in the metropolis is through the touristry industry which is booming due to the scenic beauty nowadays in the country. The 2nd largest industry is the trading industry, which is vastly helped by the strategic location of the metropolis. This metropolis is known to be the concern and trade capital of the Pacific and is the largest metropolis in the South Pacific.

Other than the white sand beaches, tourers get to see diverseness with people flinging in from all over the universe. Honolulu besides offers many H2O activities like snorkel diving, surfing, scuba diving, swimming, and sails. It is besides celebrated for its World Famous Surfboarding Competition. Along with the sea nutrient prepared in the Hawaiian manner, Honolulu has the sweetest Ananas comosus in the universe.

For those who like shopping for rare plants from all over the work, they should see Images International of Hawaii. For more traditional Hawaiian artefacts, one must see Willowdale Galleries. For those who like art can entertain themselves with the plants of the local creative persons in the Artists Guild. Peoples who want to bask the scenery and the warm conditions of this tropical metropolis in luxury, Hilton Hotel is present in Honolulu, along with New Luxury Guest House.


Chicago, with a population of 3 million occupants, is the 3rd most thickly settled metropolis in America, and the biggest metropolis in the province of Illinois. By virtuousness of this fact, the diverseness encompassed and reflected by this metropolis can be punctually imagined: as a multicultural Centre, Chicago boasts of a broad assortment of vicinities, all linked with an over curving sense of harmoniousness, which ties in all its dwellers in the nucleus values of Americas ‘ heartland-integrity, difficult work and community, which can be seen in the being of locations such as ‘Greek town ‘ , ‘China town ‘ and ‘Little Seoul ‘ .

Mark Twain said, `It is hopeless for the occasional visitant to seek to maintain up with Chicago. She outgrows his prognostications faster than he can do them. ” This is reflected in the history and development of Chicago, which was founded in 1833, and grew quickly: from being a little trading station, into one of the largest and taking metropoliss of the state, reaping from the added advantage of its geographical location being such that it benefitted immensely from the trading possibilities born from the state ‘s west-ward enlargement. Today, it is home to the universe ‘s largest commercial office edifice, Merchandise Mart.

The metropolis ‘s lakefront is really popular, and holds a particular temptingness for all, as does the night life. Bing an international trading hub, and playing host to such a collage of civilizations, Chicago offers a rich assortment of culinary arts, doing the international traveller experience right at place, while besides giving him a gustatory sensation of the exquisitely alone blend of the familiar, with those brought from all over the universe.

Furthermore, the metropolis besides boasts of assorted other landmark characteristics, which are responsible-despite being a metropolis which experiences cold, snowy winters, and warm, humid summers-for garnering much touristry: Chicago ‘s huge parklands, entirely, bask 86 million visitants a twelvemonth. Furthermore, it houses the universe ‘s largest public library, Harold Washington Library Centre, every bit good as the state ‘s oldest public menagerie, The Lincoln Park Zoo. Among other things, Chicago is besides known for being place to the current President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama.

Fort Lauderdale

This western corner of the Bermuda Triangle, located in the province of Florida, due to its many canals present in the metropolis is known as the Venice of America ” . Fort Lauderdale officially became incorporated as a town in 1911 and it was in 1959 when schools started opening.

Host to 1000s of tourers every twelvemonth, it is along the Atlantic Coast. The metropolis got its name after the legion garrisons built by the United States during the Second World War. The latter half of the name comes from the Major William Lauderdale who was a commanding officer of the first garrison built at that place. However, after the struggle ended, the metropolis did non get down developing till 50 old ages subsequently.

The metropolis has 52 % male population, where 65 % of the people are Whites. The average family income is $ 37,887 a twelvemonth. This tropical rain forest clime offers hot humid summers and occasional cold times during November to April. The 23 stat mis of extended beach that Fort Lauderdale offers is the chief beginning of economic system in the metropolis, and it was one of the most popular countries for college pupils during spring interruptions from 1940s to 1980s. However, late, it has shifted its mark market for tourers from the penny squeezing college pupils to more sophisticated and flush tourers who can afford luxuries. Other than the touristry industry, it is besides known for its major fabrication of yachts. This industry is responsible for supplying occupations to over 109,000 people.

The major shopping countries in Fort Lauderdale include Festival Flea Market Mall, Galleria Mall, Las Olas Boulevard, etc. For the most popular dining topographic points, one should see Pompano Beach, Melrose Park and Palm Aire Village. Among the most popular hotels, Ramada, Holiday Inn are present at that place for the convenience and the luxury of the comfortable tourers.

If one does acquire a opportunity to travel to this sophisticated metropolis full of history, civilization and scenic beauty, one should non lose the chance to see it ‘s most of import landmarks of the metropolis, which include Port Everglades, Museum of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop and Stranahan House.

San Jose

Founded in 1777 as a farming community to back up Spanish armed forces, San Jose transitioned from being an agricultural society to today, being the 3rd largest metropolis in San Francisco, and the 10th largest in the United states: an urban, metropolitan country, and the universe leader in technological advancements-which led to the metropolis being dubbed ‘Capital of Silicon Valley ‘ .

Bing the engineering hub of the universe, and touting over 6,600 technological companies, it is but expected that San Jose have a rich blend of races and civilizations. Unlike other metropoliss where certain countries have come to be known by the concentration of a peculiar cultural group and their concerns, in San Jose, cultural restaurants and stores are non simply clustered downtown-on the other manus, they are spread out and good incorporate, placed in highway-oriented strip promenade ; gratuitous to state therefore, that dining in San Jose is a enjoyable experience. However, the civilization of San Jose is subtler, and quieter than what can be experienced in San Francisco, and one needs to dig deeper in order to seek out what is right for-and the metropolis offers adequate assortment to offer something, for everyone.

With the warmest month being July, San Jose experience warm summers and cool winters, the metropoliss clime is perfect for out-of-door activities and clip spent in Parkss, gardens and other out door recreational sites, which besides include theme Parkss for kids. Furthermore, the environing countries and foothills can be explored utilizing an extended urban trail web which has been developed, and is recognized as the state ‘s largest, while the athleticss fans have their ain set of attractive forces in the metropolis.

Furthermore, San Jose has assorted libraries, museums and cultural aggregations, which can turn out to be extremely educational for people of all ages, such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, which is the largest public library West of the Mississippi River, the San Jose Centre of Performing Arts, and particularly, The Tech Museum o f Innovation. The taking approaching events for the current month reflect an increased accent on the acting humanistic disciplines, and besides, technological exhibition and events.


The capital of the most developed, financially strong state in the universe, Washington D.C stands as the most powerful metropolis in the universe. Home to the most influential presidential house in the world-White House and the determination shapers of the universe, the US Parliament ; it holds huge significance in the map of the universe. This metropolis, Washington, The District, was founded in 1790. It does non organize a portion of any province of the United States and is straight governed by the federal authorities.

This metropolis has humid, semitropical clime zone and is host to all four different seasons. Similarly, it is a host to people from diverse nationalities. White persons remain in bulk at 55.6 % , nevertheless, Blacks are comparatively close behind at 37 % , and Spanish americans at 9 % .

Washington D.C, unlike most other metropoliss in USA, is a planned metropolis, which was designed by a Gallic designer and applied scientist, Pierre Charles L’Enfant. It was designed harmonizing to the Baroque manner, and had rectangular designs to integrate unfastened infinites for gardens and lawns. 6 of the top 10 edifices in the America ‘s Most Favorite Buildings are located in Washington D.C. These include the White House, the Washington National Cathedral, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, among others.

The economic system of Washington is chiefly dependent on the service industry booming in the capital. 27 % of all the occupations nowadays in the state are provided by the federal authorities. Headquarters of many organisations is located in Washington D.C, to be near to the federal authorities, which includes jurisprudence houses, non-profit organisations, trade brotherhoods, and professional associations.

Other than the beautiful landscapes in the metropolis, it is a topographic point which is rich in humanistic disciplines, civilization, and heritage. The metropolis has its ain sophisticated, educated personality which it has achieved through old ages of evolving.

As a tourer, the shopping component ne’er goes off. Therefore, to shop in Washington D.C, Virginia ‘s Alexandria, Union Station are the first topographic points to look at. Museums are non to be missed in the metropolis. As for a topographic point to remain, what can offer better services than Grand Hyatt, Fairmont and Four Seasons Hotel.

Los Angeles

The most populated of the largest province in the United States, it is the 12th largest metropolitan country in the universe. Los Angeles, known in Spanish as  The Angels ” is house to the most celebrated and biggest movie industry in the world-Hollywood.

It was founded in 1781 by a Spanish governor and became a portion of Mexico in 1821. However, in 1848, after the war, it was purchased with the remainder of California as portion of the Treaty of Guadalupe. Since so, it has grown into the universe Centre for amusement, civilization, manner, scientific discipline, media and engineering. Los Angeles has besides been ranked as the fifth most influential metropolis in the universe.

This metropolis with Mediterranean clime is place of the most celebrated famous persons around the universe. Beverley Hills is where most of them reside. Hollywood is one of the major attractive forces of the metropolis. Other than the natural beauty of the metropolis, the subject parks Universal Studios and Disneyland are another ground why 1000s of tourers flock to the metropolis every twenty-four hours. It is among the top tourer topographic points in the universe, chiefly due to the many attractive forces present in the metropolis. For scenic beauty, Santa Monica should be visited along with many other beaches present at that place. The peace in the flush residential houses can be experienced by the of all time celebrated Orange County.

For the shopping experience of a famous person, Beverly Shopping Centre should be visited, along with Hollywood Highland Shopping. West Pavilion Shopping Mall and Jewelry District Shopping Malls are besides a must see by the people traveling at that place.

In a metropolis of famous persons, to experience like a star, one should remain at a topographic point like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hotel Bel-Air, and Magic Castle Hotel among many others. To dine like a star, one should bask the Japenese Cuisine at Gonpachi, Yamashiro for Asian nutrient, Cafe La Boheme for Western culinary art and The Palm for the most delectable steaks.

The topographic point most celebrated for film and telecasting production is home to many aspirant histrions, managers, authors, vocalists and other originative people. It has provided the chance to many people to go stars and has embraced all sorts of people as one.


The place of the Orange County, Orlando is the 3rd largest metropolitan country in Florida. Initially the Centre of a major citrous fruit turning part, Orlando subsequently became to a great extent urbanised and is today, with its warm semitropical conditions, one of the taking tourer sites of the universe.

The Walt Disney World-and since its creative activity, several other subject Parkss are responsible for the tourers deluging into Orlando, doing the metropolis rank systematically as one of the top holiday finishs in the universe. The metropolis now has more amusement attractive forces and Parkss than anyplace else in the universe, including Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. This factor, particularly, propelled the growing of the metropolis of Orlando. Furthermore, the movie, telecasting and game amusement industries are immense in Orlando, what with the metropolis being place to Universal Studios, Disney ‘s Hollywood Studios, which are major pull factors for visitants.

Furthermore, Orlando has the 2nd largest figure of hotel suites in the US, thereby certifying to the fact that it is, so, one of the most visited in the US. It is frequented by people from all over the universe non merely recreational intents, as has been mentioned above, but besides for conferences and conventions.

Orlando is a metropolis constituted by a rich cultural amalgam, as can be seen from the fact that the metropoliss demographics show a close equal population of Non-Hispanic Whites, and Latino and Black people. Additionally, being an amusement hub and a most popular tourer location, Orlando is non behind any other such location in the universe sing the nutrient available-from the mundane hot Canis familiaris to the keen foreign culinary arts, everything is available in this multicultural hub.

Therefore, as has been mentioned above, has something in shop for everyone ; from themed amusement Parkss for kids, to some of the most celebrated golf classs for the grownups ; from the booming telecasting and amusement industry to the theater, and music industry ; from being home to some of the taking squads for the athleticss fan, to lodging the largest single-story promenade in the USA for those who want to indulge in some retail therapy.

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