The Major Debates in the Society Regarding the Prison Education in the United States of America

One of the major debates in our society is whether or not providing education for our prisoners will serve to reduce crime. Governor Cuomo‘s recent proposal to set aside 1 million of the state correction’s budget has caused a spark in this panicular topic, specifically in how his proposal was shot down by those in Legislature. In response, I would agree that providing a college education for prisoners is the best course of action for reducing crime Part of the reason why people enter into a life of crime is out of desperation, if they were unable to make a living doing anything else they have nowhere else to turn to. For most people in general, finding a job is a challenge for a multitude of reasons Most jobs that pay a decent wage require a 4-year or advanced degree, the locations may make commuting take half of your paycheck, or certain jobs are over»staffed and therefore not hiring.

For those living in poorer neighborhoods or areas with lower hiring rates, these issues are only the beginning, These same people would probably jump at the chance for a degree so they can work honestly and legally, however, they have to survive first and sometimes even the law takes a backseat to this need Giving education to prisoners may not reverse their crimes, however, it may serve to prevent any they or future generations—may make in the future. If prisoners are given the education needed to get even a 2-year degree for a trade, they will be able to provide for both themselves and their families. Sometimes even teenagers will enter into a life of crime for the same reasons as their parents, fear or seeing their parents’ distress over bills. Without the strain of impending poverty or unlivable income, the former prisoner is not tempted back into criminal activity, and their children are tempted to enter at alli Because of the education given to the parent(s), there is a steady income and no financial reason to return to (or enter) illegal activity.

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The quality of education provided in prisons is also a major debate. Some argue that the education provided in prisons is substandard and not equivalent to the education provided in traditional schools. Others argue that prison education programs are on par with traditional schools and that they provide inmates with a high-quality education that can help them succeed after release. Integration with Society: Finally, there is debate about how prison education can be integrated with society. Some argue that inmates who receive an education while in prison are better prepared to re-enter society and contribute positively to their communities. Others argue that prison education only benefits the individual inmate and that it does not address the broader social issues that contribute to crime. In conclusion, prison education is a complex issue that is subject to a variety of debates in society. While some argue that prison education is an essential component of rehabilitation, others believe that it is a form of reward for criminal behavior. The funding, access, quality, and integration of prison education are all subject to debate, and it is important for policymakers to consider these issues when making decisions about the future of prison education in the United States.

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