Claude Debussy: Piano Preludes – La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin Analysis

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Achille-Claude Debussy

Achille-Claude Debussy ( 22 August 1862 – 25 March 1918 ) was a Gallic composer who bridged the spread between the Romantic and early twentieth Century manners. He was one of the innovators of Impressionist composing. His music was a reaction against the over-emotional Romantic music of German composers. He was to a great extent inspired by Javanese music. and his plants normally reflected his disruptive personal life.

He experienced many failed relationships. both familial and romantic. and was frequently down and frustrated by the rational restrictions of those around him. He began his calling as a music instructor. but after winning the 1884 Prix de Rome. Debussy received a scholarship to the Academie des Beaux-Arts where he furthered his surveies. Debussy’s subjects are about ever fragmented and implicative. “There will be merely a puff of tune. a teasing suggestion of a melody. and so it will melt off into the switching tonic colorss and sinuate harmonic flow. ”

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He leaves much to the imaginativeness through allusion and understatement. and researching the elusive tone colors of the instruments he writes for. Debussy was one of the first twentieth century composers to utilize non-traditional graduated tables and reject conventional harmoniousness by researching the usage of parallel chords and suggesting at tonic Centres instead than lodging with a unequivocal key. He was a genuinely advanced composer and his plants assisted in new thoughts that developed twentieth century composing.

La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin

La fille aux cheveux de Lin is the 8th piece in Book 1 of Debussy’s Preludes. It is a typical illustration of his impressionist composing manner. Impressionism in this instance intending a type of plan music which aimed to arouse tempers and feelings through tone coloring material and harmoniousness. Impressionism besides relies on allusion and implicative understatement to convey its elusive significance. La fille aux cheveux de lin is alluded to be in treble signifier. with the gap subject from bars 1-3 doing a reappearance in bars 28-32 with the beat augmented into hooks in saloon 31.

The return is non a direct repetition of the subject. but we are given enough of the original tune to be able to presume that it is a return. The manner Debussy has alluded to the piece being in three is in itself. an “impression” of signifier. One of the characteristics of Debussy’s Preludes is that the rubric to each work is written at the terminal of the piece. enabling the hearer to organize his ain sentiment to each piece before being influenced by the rubric Debussy chose to call it.

‘La girl aux cheveux de lin’ approximately translates to ‘The miss with the flaxen hair’ . which is obscure plenty to let each hearer to make his ain perceptual experience of the piece. while specific plenty to arouse a peculiar temper. There are many new harmonic techniques Debussy used throughout his Impressionist plant. some of which which are found in La fille aux cheveux de Lin. The opening subject. bars 1-3. is based on the pentatonic graduated table formed by the black keys of the piano.

All notes in the subject. salvage for the F in the 3rd saloon. are portion of this graduated table. Debussy used many traditional major and minor chords in his pieces. but he used them in original. advanced ways that made them sound unfamiliar and fresh. He particularly loved to utilize parallel motion in his chords. and an illustration of this is the parallel fourths found in saloon 14 and bars 33-34. and the go uping parallel fourths in the right manus of saloon 35.

The beat in this piece is really unstable. having soft semiquaver motion and the usage of ties to film over the sense of pulsation. In saloon 1 Debussy indicates the piece is to be played sans rigueur. which means ‘without rigidity’ . The flexible beat of the melodious line of La fille aux cheveux de lin AIDSs the listener’s apprehension of the images behind the piece. Debussy has used many descriptive public presentation instructions in La fille aux cheveux de Lin.



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