Cleon As A Leader Essay Research Paper

Cleon As A Leader Essay, Research Paper

Cleon as a leader:

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Cleon As A Leader Essay Research Paper
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Cleon was non a existent leader but instead a? false leader? . His leading accomplishments were the best for any citizen because he was said to be one of the most persuasive, hot tempered and trusted citizens of the clip. Cleon was besides thought to hold mastered rhetoric speech production and to be a professed? defender? of the common people. With this on his side he should be able to win merely about any statement when the populace is involved.

The ground is that people are a batch more likely to hold with person if they have something in common and understand their point of position. Cleon? s is seen as person citizens can associate to and hence tip the balance of the statement in his favour. But the initial job is that he attacks the audience and cholers them, which is non something he can afford to make. One of the worst things he said was that he doubted the ability of a democracy to keep an imperium, this remark says to the audience that they are excessively stupid to do determinations that will impact them and necessitate person to make it for them.

With the audience angered they look for person who will acquire their hopes up tungsten

hich is Diodotus and he makes them feel better, so now they are on Diodotus side leaving Cleon with just his speaking abilities. Yet citizens do not have the same education and skill as a orator/prominent speaker. So Diodotus already has the upper hand with experience on his side and he used his experience to gain the audience that Cleon angered. Cleon obliviously looses the debate overall, which proves that he is a ineffective and deplorable leader. Although he does get some of what he wanted by a motion that passed after the debate he lost. The motion had Athenians execute the men that were most responsible for the revolt put to death (which was over 1000). In addition, the walls of Mytilene were torn down and the land was split into parcels that were put in a lottery for the Athenians. Overall Cleon is a leader better suited for a battle field and not a debate, because in a battle no one would think of being soft and so his speaking (verbal attacks) would incite high morale. The ironic thing is that Cleon gets beat at his own game, because Diodotus uses rhetoric speaking to win the debate, which is Cleon?s strongest type of speaking. Cleon is a real ?false leader?.

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