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Clifton Metal Works Case

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Clifton Metal Works Study Class

Clifton Metal Works Study Class
1.- Coment on the current mission statement. Does it provide the strategic direction nesecary for success for this company?

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Clifton Metal Works Case
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First it is necessary to know what elements are necessary to develop a mission and what are the goals of the mission statement for a company. The mission statement of a company defines its reason for existence, it should answer the question: “Why are we in business?” . A more formal definition of mission says that it is a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time.

Properly crafted mission statements serve as filters to separate the principal aspects to focus on, state the markets that should be served and how, and communicate a sense of intended direction to all the members of the organization. The mission is something to be accomplished . In other words a mission is a short declaration of the central purpose, strategies and values of a company.

The goals of the mission statement for a company are:

Describing the central purpose of the company and the basic principles that guide the actions of employees, partners, and management. Be a guide to development strategies by different groups within it. Setting the context in which operational decisions are made and limiting the strategic options available. Regulating the balance between the performance indicators and objectives in the short and long term. Inspiring employees to focus their efforts on the overall purpose of the organization. Identifying what made the organization stand out from its competitors, and is the reason that customers will come to the company and not with the competitors. .

But what makes a mission statement appropriate? Bruce D. Johnson identifies four points that make a mission good (powerful, persuasive, and will strategically guide the company in the right way) . 1. Great missions are short: the mission should guide the direction of the organization, if it is long it probably will not do that because only a few people will remember it. 2. Simple: to make a mission statement simple, it should be in a language that everyone can understand and people normally use, not using administrative or business terms. Focus on the words that the employees and clients use. 3. Accurate: drive inactivates, allocate resources it has a very clear direction. In three sentences it should define what the company does, for example a university provides: Extraordinary education in an appropriate environment and takes care of people. This can inspire. 4. Cleary defines what the company does and what the company does not do.

As we can notice the actual mission of CMW is not cover the basic rules and goals for an appropriate mission. Presented here, are the principal weaknesses of the actual mission.

Principal Weaknesses of the actual mission
It is very long, it makes complicated for the employees and costumers to understand and remember it, so only few people will work according with the strategy and it will not give a strategic direction for the company.

Don’t use simple language it uses a lot of business terms for example “improve investment performance” because of this use of language the employees and clients don’t feel identified, it really doesn’t inspire the employees or costumers.

It does not describe clearly what the company does and what its central purpose is, it is complicated to understand clearly what are the objectives of CMW or what the company does, the actual mission is not accurate.

Doesn’t include the principles to guide the company, the actual mission focuses a lot in the implementation of quality but it is more like a description of what the company needs to do to have more profits, but it is not a guide to develop the strategies.

In conclusion the actual mission is not the appropriate to inspire the costumers to buy or the employees to work in accordance to the mission, probably most of them don’t remember it because it is too long and doesn’t use an ordinary language. The mission doesn’t guide to development strategies.

2.- How can the mission statement be improved? Suggest a better statement of mision vision and guiding principles.

The mission, vision and guiding principles are the basis of strategic planning. A clear vision, mission statement, and guiding principles are important points of departure. The vision is what guides the enterprise and energizes the stakeholders; it is the “big picture” illustrating what you expect to achieve. The mission statement defines who you are and where you are going . Finally, the guiding principles mark the path towards a vision to define attitudes and policies for all employees, which is reinforced through conscious and subconscious behavior at all levels of the organization.

To develop the mission statement it is necessary to remember the basic 4 points (short, simple, accurate, describe the purpose of the company) also the mission should have 5 basic statements: Client Statement: it is the “for whom” of your enterprise; it identifies the members. Problem Statement: it is the “why” of your company. It defines the problem you are seeking to mitigate. Statement of Purpose: describes “what” your enterprise seeks to accomplish. Business Statement: describes “how” your enterprise will achieve its purpose. Value Statement: The value statement communicates the “whom” of your enterprise by embodying the beliefs and principles. Remembering all of this points here is the new mission for CMW The mission of Clifton Metal Works

The mission of Clifton Metal Works is to become the most successful metal company in the world. Giving quality products to our costumers at a reasonable cost, taking care our employees and being profitable.

To create a vision statement it is necesary to remember that a vision should be brief, focused, clear and inspiring for employees of a company. The best visions are inspirational, clear, memorable, and concise, it must be linked to customer needs and communicate an overall strategy to achieve the mission. Here is presented the mission for CMW:

The vision of Clifton Metal Works
Five years from now, Clifton Metal Work will become the top metal company in USA by consistently providing a quality product at a reasonable cost, in the exact time to our costumers.

The guiding principles, mark the path towards a vision to define attitudes and policies for all employees, these are reinforced through conscious and subconscious behavior at all levels of the organization. The guiding principles por CMW are:

Integrity envolves openness, honesty and credibility.
Health and safety envolves protecting and promoting the health and walfare of all the employees also promoting a secure and comfortable environment to work. Inovation: always give to the clients a high quality product that covers or exceeds their expectations. Excelence: try to achieve excelence in everything, producing high quality products and services. Profitability: obtaining the financial results that allow the growh of the company and its members. Respect: respecting the principles and the rigths of the employees, respecting the legal laws and the environment. Responsability: individually and in grups, be responsable of the actions taken. Leadership: Creating leaders, and becoming the leader industry in our market.

In conclusion the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the company are expressed in the next image.

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