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ClonesAre Human: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguros

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In “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro we see cloned human beings that are raised in a boarding school so that they can grow up and become organ donors. The main purpose of these kids was growing up and donating their organs one by one till they finally die at an early age. These kids were not treated as human beings. They were created in a test tube just to be a donor. The main character who was also a donor is the narrator of this story.

Life should be controlled by the person that owns it and that person should make decisions how to live and where to live, clones are still human beings with soul and flesh there for they deserve human right. If they cannot get the right they deserve then cloning should be illegal unless there is understandable reason. These kids are raised in a place called hailsham, where they are taken care of so that they can stay healthy but they were not allowed to leave the school and socialize with the world till they turn eighteen and graduate.

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ClonesAre Human: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguros
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If clones are the exact copy of their originals then they are humans because saying that clones are not human’s means denying that their originals are humans because they are the same. Clones should have the same human rights as their original and the freedom to make their own decision. The clones kids in the movie were not counted as a human being and this particular school, halisham was a school opened trying to prove the world that these kids are like human beings and carry a soul but everybody including the kids accepted their purpose in life and nobody seems to fight or try to change the fact that they have to die for others life. These three kids were no different from regular teenagers. They have emotions, they can fall in love, they get sad, annoyed, ma.

. .hat is going to be saved is important, the clones are as important also. People die every day so instead of taking the rights of the people that are alive, it is better to take the right of the ones that are already dead and use their organs to save people. If using dead people’s organ is not enough then we can work on creating artificial organs that will work like the original one because cloning for donation is not an option.

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