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Langston Hughes’ poem “Let America be America Again” portrays an idealized version of America as a dream that should become reality. Hughes employs various techniques to express his belief in the patriotic images and aspirations that America should embody and ultimately achieve. He emphasizes the significance of equal treatment for every individual, regardless of their race or ethnicity. However, during the time when Hughes wrote this poem, genuine equality had not yet been attained. His vision encompasses an America where both white and colored individuals are treated on equal terms in all aspects of life – socially, politically, and economically. This includes providing equal opportunities for employment, voting rights, and integration into society itself. Presently, Hughes’ ideas regarding what America ought to be still maintain relevance as they advocate for just treatment of all individuals and underscore the pressing need for equality in our contemporary society.

In this passage, Langston Hughes explores the idea and creators of the American Dream. According to Hughes, the American Dream involved envisioning a nation where complete peace and equality would reign. The dream was conceived by the pioneers who migrated to this land with the goal of constructing America from scratch. These pioneers, known as the first Americans, embarked on a bold endeavor to build a country that embodied both harmony and equal opportunities for everyone. This task was challenging because it required them to relinquish their loyalty to their former homelands and assert their own independence. However, the first Americans understood this as an essential step towards achieving their vision of a fair America.

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Furthermore, the American dream was distorted by slave-owning Americans themselves who pursued personal success. Their motive for slavery went beyond having people of color as assistants; it was mainly about achieving success in large corporations and companies. In America’s fast-growing economy, possessing more slaves meant a higher production capacity for their business. With a high demand for various products at that time, these Americans with slaves were responsible for distorting the American dream.

The development of America was influenced by large corporations and companies, such as tobacco and cotton plantations. However, their impact was facilitated by the employment of various individuals, including white, colored, and enslaved workers. The absence of freedom within these industries resulted from the utilization of slaves and discrimination against colored people. As a result, if American companies fail to offer equal treatment to all individuals, it contradicts the fundamental principles of equality and freedom that are central to the nation.

Langston Hughes uses his poem to express feelings of anger and resentment, conveying his belief that America does not fulfill its promises and is not the ideal dreamland that many imagine for him. Throughout the entirety of the poem, Hughes maintains this mood, hoping to effectively communicate his message to the rest of America. The primary objective behind writing this poem is for Hughes to articulate his vision of how America should be in the present. However, numerous individuals during this era are unable to achieve these ideals due to factors like their race, economic status, or upbringing.

Despite significant decreases over time, discrimination remains prevalent in today’s society. This poem holds relevance as it addresses the concept of America as a free nation and its evolving American dream throughout history. Initially, the goal was to establish a land of equality and peace. However, greed soon took hold, leading individuals to prioritize personal success and wealth accumulation. These individuals, often white exploiters and slave owners, discriminated against and exploited minority communities and slaves. To adapt to modern society, eradicating past discrimination is crucial alongside completely abolishing slavery. Unfortunately, Langston Hughes’ dream of equality and equal protection under the law is currently unattainable. Ultimately, each individual possesses power over their own life as America does not exercise complete control.

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