Coastal vs. Plateau Indians

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The Pacific Northwest was inhabited by two American Indian tribes, the Coastal tribe and the Plateau tribe, around 4500-2000 B.C. These tribes shared similarities and differences, but the writer would choose to be a Coastal Indian as their lifestyle was easier. Coastal Indians had access to water for plants and fishing, while Plateau Indians had to travel to find food sources. Coastal Indians also lived in homes made of red cedar, while Plateau Indians lived in Pit houses or Tule houses. Coastal Indians had a mild marine climate, while Plateau Indians had hot summers and wet winters. The writer believes that being a Coastal Indian was preferable due to the easier lifestyle.

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During the period of 4500-2000 B.C, Native people migrated into the Pacific Northwest, resulting in the formation of two distinct American groups known as the Coastal tribe and the Plateau tribe. Despite sharing certain similarities and differences, if given the option, my preference would be to belong to the Coastal Indian community. This choice is influenced by the relatively more comfortable lifestyle of the Coastal people. Compared to their Plateau counterparts, Coastal Indians faced less laborious efforts in procuring food, enjoyed superior housing, and benefited from a favorable climate for habitation.

The Coastal Indians resided near the ocean, granting them access to abundant water for plant cultivation. They were able to engage in salmon and other fish fishing, as well as sea hunting for clams, mussels, oysters, crabs, seals, sea lions, sturgeon, porpoises, and whales. Conversely, the Plateau Indians had to annually journey to specific locations in search of sustenance. Men would hunt elk, buffalo, rabbits, mountain goats sheep and birds. Meanwhile women and children would dig for camas bulbs while groups of people moved to mountains to gather huckleberries.

Coastal Indians had an easier life compared to the Plateau people for several reasons. Firstly, Coastal Indians resided in homes constructed using red cedar, while the Plateau people had to live in Pit houses until the early 1800s, when they were replaced by Tule houses. Additionally, Coastal Indians enjoyed a mild marine climate, whereas the Plateau Indians experienced hot dry summers and wet snowy winters.

From my perspective, I believe that being a Coastal Indian is preferable to being a Plateau Indian due to a variety of factors. Overall, Coastal Indians enjoyed a more comfortable way of life, which is why I personally would choose to be a Coastal Indian.

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