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The First Impression of Coastal Carolina

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The end of my senior year was approaching and my college applications had been sent off. Just like any other high school senior anticipating the acceptance letter from their desired college, I had already claimed a college as the one that I would be attending in the upcoming fall semester. Although Coastal Carolina University was near the bottom of my list, it ended up being the university that I would soon be attending. Upset that I was not able to attend my first choice, I could not see Coastal as blessing but more as a letdown.

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The First Impression of Coastal Carolina
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My first impression of Coastal Carolina was not what it should have been. When I first got accepted to the university I was rather unimpressed. I treated Coastal as a choice that I could always fall back on just in case my top choices fell through. I viewed the university as a false university in a way. Teens at school had mentioned a few things about Coastal being more of a party school than a legit university.

I also believed that it was a school near the beach with unsuccessful sports teams, high STD percentages, and a small locally recognized institution. Of course for one that really didn’t know that much, these were some cruel accusations. With orientation coming, I had no idea that I was in for a surprise on my view of the school. During and after those two days I experienced my favorite and less favorable components of Coastal.

Attempting to enter the Coastal with a sound heart and an open mind allowed me to see the good in something I thought was not worth a moment of my time. I ended up finding the environment of the university to be very warm and friendly through the people. Everyone was humble and realized that we are all in the same point in our lives. Seeing that through the majority of the people on the campus allowed me to adjust and fit in smoothly with others. Even with the extravagant scenery along the campus and the warm hospitality.

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