Cognitive Theory – Behavioral Techniques

It is a key impotent underlying the way people think and behave. Cognitive theory is basically concerned with the development of a person’s thoughts processes. It also counts for how these thought processes influence and how a person understand and interact with the world. The technique recommend by the cognitive theory to help Sylvia. In cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach which addresses dysfunctional and emotions maladaptive behaviors and cognitive processes.

CB is an effective treatment for various conditions like anxiety, mood, personality, eating, and substances abuse which Sylvia is and has struggled with all this. So this will be very helpful for her. Behavioral theory of learning which is based upon the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. Behavioral techniques are widely used in therapeutic settings to help clients in learning new skills and behavior. It is bases on the belief that behavior can be measured, changed and trained. The technique recommended by behaviorism theory to help Sylvia.

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Applied behavior analysis technique is recommended by behaviorism therapy in the case of major depression. And in the case of Sylvia, this technique will be very helpful. Psychodrama is also known as dynamic psychology. It is an approach of psychology, which emphasizes on the systematic study of psychological forces. The treatment of psychological distress psychodrama therapy to be less sensitive than psychoanalysis treatment. Psychodrama therapies are basically depending upon theory of inner conflict.

Psychodrama therapy is designed to help patients explore the full range of their emotions, including feeling they may not be aware of. The technique recommended by psychodrama theory to help Sylvia is Psychoanalytic and interpersonal technique, it is recommended by psychodrama theory to help people like Sylvia who is struggled with ajar depression. This approach focuses on the interrelationship of the mind and mental, motivational or emotional forces within the mind that interact to shape a personality.

Humanistic psychology is focused on understanding the unconscious motivations that drive behavior, and study the condition while processes that produce behavior. Humanistic psychology emerged during the 195(Yes as a reaction to psycho analysis and behaviorism humanistic psychology was instead focused on each individual’s potential and stressed the importance of growth and self – actualization. The technique recommended by humanistic hero to help Sylvia is existential technique. If is recommended by humanistic theory to help a person who is in major depression disorder.

Personality psychology looks at the patterns of thoughts and feelings that make a person unique. Some of the best known theories of psychology are devoted to the subject of personality. Almost every day we describe and access the personality of the people around us. Whether we realize it or not. These daily musings on how and why people behave as they do are similar to what personality psychologist do. Social dominance theory identifies several mechanisms by which researchers are developed and maintained.

These theories focused on helping us understand and explain social behavior. Social theories are generally centered on specific social phenomenon including prosaically, Social behavior. These are all the theories of psychology that Sylvia could use for this scenario. All the different techniques that she can do. Each different technique helps to deal with her major depression disorder. They each help individually, but when applied together better results could be obtained.

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