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Transference and Counter-Transference

Clinical Psychology



Words: 1664 (7 pages)

                 Transference and Counter-TransferenceThe idea of transference was first thought of by Sigmund Freud.  He realized that sometimes when performing therapy with an individual that there were some fantasies that the individual would have about him as the therapist.   With transference a person is taking something that has recently happened and blending the ideas with…

Case Study: Conversion Disorder

Clinical Psychology

Mental Disorder

Mental Health




Words: 1486 (6 pages)

            The client is an 11 year old female. She presents with swollen legs and soreness. She is utilizing crutches due to difficulty walking. A surgeon from the orthopedic department referred this client to the psychology department. According to the orthopedic surgeon, a physiological impairment did not explain the client’s symptoms. The onset of symptoms…

Loretta and Bart Case Study

Clinical Psychology


Interpersonal Relationship

Self Esteem


Words: 592 (3 pages)

Loretta and Bart come to you for marriage counseling. In the first session you see them as a couple. Loretta says that she can’t keep going on the way they have been for the past several years. She tells you that she would very much like to work out a new relationship with him. He…

Post-Surgical Clinical Monitoring

Clinical Psychology

Words: 376 (2 pages)

The skin was very difficult to remove. It was white with a yellow and pink tint. It was thin in some areas but thick in others. The fat was thick and in bundles of tissue that was white with a yellow tint. The muscle of the chicken wing was bundles of pale pink flesh, commonly…

Counselling theory

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Words: 1636 (7 pages)

Introduction In this essay I will describe key elements of Psychodynamic theory, Person-Centred theory and Cognitive-Behavioural theory. I will also identify the key differences between the above theories. I shall also describe how counselling theory underpins the use of counselling skills in practise. I will then end with my conclusion. 1.1 Key elements of psychodynamic…

Client Centered Approach

Clinical Psychology

Words: 3129 (13 pages)

The client centred therapy was developed by Carl Rogers in 1942 and was based on his personal experience with clients. He believed that everyone is capable of solving their own problems if the right conditions are provided. He proposed that the therapist’s role was to listen to clients, be empathic with them, and accept them…

Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality

Clinical Psychology


Sigmund Freud

Words: 1710 (7 pages)

freudian theory of sigmundFreud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality implicated the structure of the mind, namely the id, ego, and superego, and how conflicts among these constituent parts are resolved in shaping human personality. The id operates on the pleasure principle. It is regulated by both the ego, which operates on the reality principle, and the…

Internal Assessment Example

Clinical Psychology



Words: 7058 (29 pages)

For the successful completion of this investigation, several persons must be dutifully thanked for their significant contribution. First and foremost, The Lord, my Mighty Saviour is given all praise, for it is solely He who has made anything possible. I am very grateful to Mr. G. Leacock, my Caribbean Studies Lecturer, for his weekly classes…

What is Hypnosis and how it Works?

Clinical Psychology



Words: 950 (4 pages)

Encyclopedia defines hypnosis as,”altered state of consciousness andheightened responsiveness to suggestion; it may be induced by normal personsby a variety of methods and has been used occasionally in medical and psychiatrictreatment. Most frequently brought about through actions of an operator, or”hypnotist”, who engages the attention of a subject and assigns certain tasksto him or her…

Health and Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology


Words: 1335 (6 pages)

Psychology has learned about the use of a media campaign in health promotion that public information films that are on TV which inform us of the gangers and gives information about what to do can reduce the incidence of chip pan accidents. A Study that shows this is Cowpe (1989) Chip pan fire prevention 1976-84….

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What is clinical psychology introduction?
Clinical psychology is a diverse and compelling field. Clinical psychologists research assess and treat mental illness. They work with people to help them adjust to challenges and heal after losses. They can develop and use empirically validated treatments to alleviate suffering and to improve functioning. Read More:
What is the main focus of clinical psychology?
The specialty of clinical psychology addresses behavioral and mental health issues faced by individuals across the lifespan including: Intellectual, emotional, psychological, social and behavioral maladjustment. Read More:
Why clinical psychology is important?
Psychologists who provide clinical or counseling services assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disordersemotional and behavioral disorders1. any psychological disorder characterized primarily by maladjustive emotional reactions that are inappropriate or disproportionate to their cause. Also called emotional illness. See also anxiety disorder; mood disorder.emotional disorder - APA Dictionary of Psychology. They integrate the science of psychology and the treatment of complex human problems with the intention of promoting change. Read More:

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