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Collective Memory

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Anthony D. Smith who wrote National Identity and Myths of Ethnic Descent discussed how myths are formed and how they can lead to the ethnic regeneration within a group of people. He associated his ideas on ethnic regeneration with the countries of Turkey, Greece, England, France, and Israel.

His ideas clearly outlined the steps that are taken to regenerate when people are influence by myths created sometimes thousands of years ago in such cases as seen by Jews.There were eight steps which all of these nation-states were said to have followed, in order to be where they are today.

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Collective Memory
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Of these eight steps I do not agree with the one that says, they designate a space and time for their action. I do not feel that a specific time is designated.

Instead I feel that the time is determined at a moment s notice. This can be seen presently when referring to the future state of Palestine. The date for this states declaration of existence has changed numerous times during the past few years.

Yael Zerubavel writes about Collective remembering and Zionist reconstruction of the past.

I do not agree with the historian that Zerubavel talks about in his writings. I feel that Halbwach s view of history expressed as collective memory. Collective memory is what gives a society is goals that they must seek in the future. It also creates a bond between the people of that society.

As a result it leads to these people wanting to settle together in a nation-state. The Zionist movement is an example of something caused by collective memory.Through generations the Diaspora and other events in the lives of Jews have been passed on, which eventually led Jews to create a homeland in 1948. Vladimir Jabotinsky states that Nationalism is a supreme value and there is no higher value than the nation and the fatherland.

I agree with this statement because in Israel s case, Jews had a strong sense of nationalism and as a result it led them to fight for their nation and fatherland. Without the strong nationalistic views of thousands of Jews the goal of creating the nation-state of Israel would not have been reached.

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