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Posthumous reproduction


Words: 1149 (5 pages)

The advancements brought forth by science and technology often lead to a collision between two groups of individuals that have always been in an epic tug of war; the liberals and the ethicists. While ethicists often cite morals as the reason to clamp down of medical advancements, liberalists are firm that science and the field…

The Reproductive System


Words: 3025 (13 pages)

The ability to reproduce is one of the unifying characteristics of all living things. Sexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically different from their parents. Asexual reproduction produces offspring genetically identical to their parent. Asexual ReproductionFission, budding, fragmentation, and the formation of rhizomes and stolons are some of the mechanisms that allow organisms to reproduce…

The sexual response cycle




Words: 1138 (5 pages)

The term ‘sexual response cycle’ was first used by William Masters and Virginia Johnson (1966) to describe the bodily responses or the changes in the body of men and women when they become sexually aroused. There are four identified stages that occur in the sexual response cycle – the excitement stage, plateau, orgasm, and the…

Bacteria reproduction


Words: 915 (4 pages)

Bacteria are microscopic singular celled organisms grouped in the prokaryote kingdom. They have a seemingly simple internal structure but that is not so the internal structure of a bacterium is quite complicated . Bacterial growth is generally studied in cell cultures by “visible count” estimation which shows an apparent growth curve. (Stephenson 50) The growth…

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome



Words: 1476 (6 pages)

The topic I chose to research was Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Polycystic is a health problem that can affect a women’s menstrual cycle, childbearing, hormones, and other bodily functions. Women with this disorder typically have higher levels of androgens in their bodies. [ (DePaolo, 2007) ] In this paper I will first do an overview of…

The Reproduction of Dominant Discourses in Jade Snow Wong’s Fifth Chinese Daughter


The Woman Warrior

Words: 4131 (17 pages)

First published in 1945 and reissued with a new introduction in 1989, Jade Snow Wong’s Fifth Chinese Daughter is an autobiographical account of a young girl’s twofold struggle to free herself from the patriarchal binds of her ancestral Chinese culture while claiming her place within Anglo American mainstream society. Fifth Chinese Daughter’s enduring popularity, most…

Discus the issues surrounding IVF in the treatment of infertility


health sciences



Sexual reproduction

Women's Health

Words: 983 (4 pages)

IVF or In-Vitro Fertilisation is a way for infertile couples to have a child. Around 6,000 babies are born every year to otherwise infertile couples as a result of IVF. Though the methods used in IVF treatment often cause a lot of controversy some say it just raises people’s hopes of having a child because…

Mitosis and Meiosis


Cell biology




Sexual reproduction


Words: 320 (2 pages)

Mitosis and meiosis are both important to a living organism because they represent cell divisions that are very important to every living organism because without cell division all living organisms would fail to reproduce, eventually dying out. Cell division plays a very important role in the life cycle of a cell. Mitosis and meiosis are…

Vitro Fertilization Research Paper The Facts




Words: 362 (2 pages)

Vitro Fertilization Essay, Research Paper The Facts of Life Human in vitro fertilisation is choice of embryos for the transportation to the womb. The eggs are surgically removed from a adult female ’ s ovaries and placed in a carefully prepared stock called human tubal fluid. Six hours subsequently, the hubby ’ s sperm cells…

Facts About Chlamydia Trachomas


Human Sexuality

infectious diseases



Public Health


Words: 751 (4 pages)

The sexually transmitted disease caused by microorganisms that live, as parasites within a cell would commonly be known as Chlamedia. These microorganisms have properties in common with both viruses and bacteria, and cause infection in humans. The causes and risk factors of the Chlamydia infection is caused by the organism Chlamydia trachomas. It is to…

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What is reproduction explain?
Reproduction is the production of offspring. There are two main forms: sexual and asexual reproduction. In sexual reproduction, an organism combines the genetic information from each of its parents and is genetically unique. In asexual reproduction, one parent copies itself to form a genetically identical offspring.
What is the importance of reproduction essay?
Reproduction is an important characteristic feature of living organisms. It is an essential life process which not only helps in survival but also helps in continuity of that race and group immortality, as by reproduction. Young ones replace the old and dying ones. These young ones feed, grow and reproduce again.
What is the importance of reproduction?
Reproduction is the process by which new individuals are produced by the parents. The process of reproduction ensures that a plant or animal species does not disappear from Earth. This process is very important in maintaining stability in the ecosystem and for the continuation of life on earth.
Why is reproduction important characteristics of life?
All living organisms must have the ability to reproduce. Living things make more organisms like themselves. Whether the organism is a rabbit, or a tree, or a bacterium, life will create more life. ... Sexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically unique and increases genetic variation within a species.

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