Companies Motivate Their Employees to Be Nore Innovative And Discover New Things

Industrial development is not a new strategy in the sportswear and apparel industry, some competitors of Under Armour such as Nike and Germany Based Adidas have embarked on similar approaches. For instance, Nike has established a close relationship with various colleges and NFL teams as a way of winning its market share. Adidas organization majors on scientific discoveries to meet the market needs Adidas has been marketing the mater in creating brand awareness through campaigns such as movers and shakers. Both companies motivate their employees to be more innovative and come up with new discoveries that will meet customer demands. However, Under Armour’s innovation will be unique and different for instance, the company is the only apparel manufacturer that owns the formula for designing moisture-wicking synthetic fabric for sportswear.

This is a unique technology that will differentiate it from its competitors in its innovation process, under armour will develop a research and innovation department that will correlate with the marketing department to establish the existing gap between the company‘s products and customer expectations. This research team will help the company to incorporate its manufacturing techniques to produce effective and efficient sportswear and apparel. Under Armour will come with a pricing strategy of its own the decline in sales has been caused by the bankruptcy of the retailers. In its development strategy, the company will develop its own retail shops which will be used to distribute its products to the customers. This will eliminate the overdependence on retailers and reduce the bargaining power, the production will moderate the quality, price and customer expectations, producing affordable apparel which will equally meet the customer expectations.

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