The Importance of Open Communication by the Managers to Motivate Employees to Perform Better Individually

Modern businesses depend on their workers to create a competitive advantage to guarantee sustainability in the ever-increasing rivalry. Traditionally, managers viewed workers as organizational liabilities because of the great availability of material resources that companies utilized to achieve their long-term objectives. However, dwindling resources and increased competition for suitable personnel to take vacant positions in different firms require business leaders to create positive relationships with their staff. In effect, managers should establish open communication with their subordinates to enhance the level of trust. In this way, the employees become more motivated and committed to their roles thus improving their individual performance. A study to establish the effects of trust on performance would be a qualitative analysis of workers‘ perception of their managers and their willingness to meet their organizational demands.

Expectedly, employees who believe that their leaders are trustworthy would be committed and motivated to achieve their targets. At the same time, such employees would be willing to perform extra duties, which are excluded in their contractual agreements as long as they advance the firm. Therefore, the study should utilize both online questionnaires and face-to-face interviews to examine how workers from different companies perceive the role of trust in meeting their objectives. In practice, employees who are unappreciated by their managers have minimal chances of working extra hard to meet their targets. As such, business leaders should establish positive relationships with their workers based on trust to improve organizational performance. As such, managers should value the input of all employees regardless of their organizational positions in order to enhance confidence in the company.

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Further, trust promotes teamwork and reduces interpersonal conflicts, which have adverse effects on individual and group productivity. What are the effects of trust on colleagues at the workplace on team performance? According to De Jong & Elfring (2010), most business leaders encourage their workers to embrace teamwork as a way of enhancing their performance. Even though a majority of previous studies focus on the impact of trust on team productivity, few pieces of research emphasize 0n the effects of trust on team performance. Trust is critical to the productivity of teams because it reduces rivalry between group members and encourages collaboration. Teams cannot attain their potential if the members are unwilling to share relevant information with their colleagues because of low levels of trust. As a result, managers have to emphasize on building trust among group members to guarantee high productivity and commitment to teams.

One of the best ways to enhance trust in teams is through the adoption of open communication between all workers regardless of their positions on the team.  A qualitative analysis of workers from different organizations would provide an ideal study of the impact of trust on team performance. However, the study should choose companies that value the concept to have a reliable evaluation of trust and productivity Participants should reveal how they associate trust with colleagues and team performance in their respective workplaces. In this way, the research would establish the benefits of high levels of trustworthiness and increased performance between various teams from diverse businesses. In brief, teams cannot achieve their potential if the members do not trust one another in effect, managers should encourage workers to view their colleagues as partners as opposed to rivals to build high levels of trust in their teams.

However, such levels are unachievable if the manager does not encourage open and effective communication in the groups, in reality, a lack of trustworthiness in teams reduces sharing of information, which affects the attainment of goals negatively. What are the effects of organizational trust in modern businesses, which embrace diversity at the workplace? According to Mayer, Davis, 81 Schoorman (1995), the growing need for businesses to expand their market share through investment in different parts of the world entices companies to embrace diversity at the workplace. As a result, people from different cultural backgrounds would be required to have increased contact by working in the same offices. However, “A diverse workforce is less able to rely on interpersonal similarity and common background and experience to contribute to mutual attraction and enhance the willingness to work together”. Therefore, such workers have to develop mutual trust to improve collaboration and reduce the chances of interpersonal conflicts, at the same time, such organizations require employees who trust one another to form effective teams in order to improve the efficiency of business practices.

On the same note, workers who trust their colleagues are likely to take calculated risks, which have high returns on investment to improve organizational performance. In reality, a diversified workforce innovates new ways of solving organizational problems through the efficient sharing of information.  The study should be a qualitative analysis of the different strategies that managers in both small and large organizations adopt to improve trust in diverse personnel. Face-to-face, interviews and online surveys are ideal data collection methods that would provide accurate primary data on the subject. In conclusion, companies that wish to globalize their operations have to hire workers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Since such employees have little in common in the way of background and interpersonal similarity, the staffs have to develop mutual trust with their colleagues to improve productivity through collaboration As such, managers should adopt the most suitable strategies to enhance trustworthiness in the workforce.

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