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Compare and Contrast TV and Newspaper

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In the ages of information technology, television and newspaper have emerged as two types of popular mass media. These two types of media have become more and more essential in our modern life. Although they share common in updating information and diversifying in classification, there are different from the way people created them to the way people used them. Firstly, both newspapers and television are invented with the purpose of providing information to their audiences.

They are used to transfer information from all over the world in the fast speed.

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Compare and Contrast TV and Newspaper
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They give every people chances to have a view of the world although they don’t have occasions to discover each corner of each country though program system such as news, reviews, classified, current affairs, etc. Secondary, TV has many channels like sports, entertainment, news, exploration, etc. just as newspapers has segments like polities, sports, economics, etc. to serve people with specific purposes.

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The readers can ignore unexpected information in newspaper similar to the watchers can change channels on TV if the shows are playing is not interested them.

Despite these similarities, the TV and newspaper have some very significant differences. The first obvious difference is the way two types of media express the information. Newspaper has been printed in letter, sentences, columns and limited pictures while TV has been recorded with vivid imagination, 24 frames per second and diversity of color that easier to catch people’s attention.

One news on newspaper can appeared in a large font to attract readers and help them decide should or should not continue read it, but it’s hard to predict with part is main part on the TV program. As the result from the way they had been produced, TV and newspaper are accessible in different ways. TV is much more expensive than newspaper and need to connect to cable to watch distinguish channels that media producers reserve the right of emission.

In contrast, people can buy a newspaper, keep it in their pocket, read it at any suitable time even cut one piece they like to store in their collections which they cannot do with a program on TV. In short, it’s clear that despite some similarities, there are different points between TV and newspaper. They’re unique and difficult to judge which is better. For all above reasons, TV as well as newspaper still plays an important role in our life

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