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Newspaper Article Assignment Julius Caesar

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  • Pages 4
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    Yesterday around noon, Rome witnessed the fall of a mighty leader named Julius Caesar. The conspirators involved in this murder were witnessed by the names of Cassius, Casca, Cinna, Trebonius, Ligarius, Decius Brutus, Metellus Cimber and Brutus. It was supposed to be an ordinary gathering like any other at the Capitol on March 15th, 44 B. C. E, but things ended up turning out very differently from what was normally expected. It started out with Caesar heading to the Senate house with all of the conspirators surrounding him.

    Caesar sees the soothsayer and blurts out with arrogance that the ides of March of have come and nothing bad has happened. The soothsayer tries to warn him that the day isn’t over yet but Caesar fails to listen to his advice and continues on to the Capitol. Artemidorus a friend of Caesar also tries to warn him by handing him a letter that he personally wrote but Caesar again ignores his good intentions of warning him about the conspiracy. Then the conspirators manage to move Mark Antony out of the way when Caesar took his seat.

    They started moving in around Caesar getting ready to attack. Casca stabs Caesar first then the rest continue to stab him. According to various sources Caesar’s last words were, “Et tu, Brute? Then fall Caesar”. This goes to show how unexpected Brutus’s attack was in Caesar’s opinion. Caesar must have experienced ultimate betrayal at that moment because Brutus and Caesar were very good friends all along. Conspirators stab Caesar at the Senate House on March 15th, 44 B. C. E. Romans analyze the murder in two different ways.

    Ever since the murder of Julius Caesar on March 15th, 44 B. C. E, there has been quite a bit of confusion on whether the decision to kill him was the right thing to do. Even though one may think the murder of Julius Caesar is horrible and completely unacceptable, others may conclude that it is a benefit to the people of the Roman Republic. Calpurnia ( Caesar’s wife), said that she convinced Caesar to stay home from the Capitol the day of his murder, due to her horrid and portentous dreams that supposedly were signs f the upcoming event. This attempt quickly failed when she said that his hubris just took over. “I knew that Caesar should have stayed away from the Senate house yesterday, but I guess his pride just took over his mind, it was just all too much,” Calpurnia sobbed. “This has turned out to be the most tragic moment in my life and I hope those conspirators kneel to the gods, for they have upset the heavens with the killing of the mightiest leader Rome has ever seen. It wasn’t just Calpurnia that was upset, Mark Antony, a good friend of Caesar, was completely depressed and raging with anger at the same time.

    “Those worthless blocks of stones, how could their hearts be so dark to inflict pain on one of the most generous and good hearted people of Rome,” Mark Antony explains with tears in his eyes. “They shall suffer great consequences in the near future and only time will tell when their journey will also come to an end. ” Some Romans on the other hand believed Caesar’s death was a gift from the gods and portrayed a sign of peace in Rome. He deserved his death, he was becoming too conceited,” Cassius, a main conspirator in the murder, explains as he was walking on the streets yesterday evening. Brutus, the leader of the conspirators also felt the same way about Caesar’s death. “The Gods knew that it was time for Caesar to fall, everything happens for a good reason and I believe Caesar’s time has run and that Rome is ready to agree, that this government should not just be run by one leader,” Brutus quickly explains while leaving the Senate house yesterday.

    When he was asked if he knows people that have the same opinions as his own he replied by angrily blurting out, “Are you ill, why would you even ask such a question, of course every man in Rome is happy that Caesar is dead, this is a time for rejoice. ” Another fellow member of the conspirators named Casca states that everyone’s prayers have been heard. “I knew that this glorious day would come, the gods have heard Rome’s prayers which are for Caesar to die,” Casca proudly proclaims around late afternoon yesterday.

    Caesar lies dead on the stone floor in the Senate House on March 15th, full of blood from the stab wounds. As an honorable Roman, it is very noticeable that the Roman Republic is an ever changing one and that no one likes a conceited leader. Rome should be governed by more than just one person, since this would ensure for more distributed power and equal rights among the people of Rome. Caesar lies dead on the stone floor in the Senate House on March 15th, full of blood from the stab wounds.

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