Compare the Structure and Function of Collagen and Haemoglobin

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Haemoglobin is a conveyance protein that carries O from the lungs to the tissues and carries C dioxide from the tissues back to the lungs. In order to work most expeditiously. hemoglobin needs to adhere to oxygen tightly when the O concentration is high in the lungs and be able to let go of O quickly in the comparatively low partial force per unit area in the tissues. I will be comparing the construction and map of hemoglobin with the construction and map of collagen. which is a structural protein. Collagen’s maps are rather different from those of ball-shaped proteins such as enzymes ; tough packages of collagen called collagen fibres are a major constituent of the extracellular matrix that supports most tissues and gives cells construction from the exterior. Collagen is besides present in certain cells as it has great tensile strength. and is the chief constituent of facia. gristle. ligaments. sinews. bone and dentition.

Primary Structure ; the figure. type and sequence of amino acids

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The primary degree of construction in a protein is the additive sequence of aminic acids. formed by a condensation reaction. The primary construction of these proteins are really different. The hemoglobin molecule consists of four polypeptide ( hematohiston ) ironss. where as collagen is made up of three polypeptide ironss wound round each other. In Haemoglobin there are a broad scope of amino acid components in the primary construction. in contrast 35 % of collagen’s primary construction is glycine. This difference in primary construction causes the proteins themselves to be different ; due to the original different primary construction the hemoglobin protein is soluble in H2O whereas the collagen protein is non.

Secondary construction ; Formed when the concatenation of amino acid spirals or creases to organize an alpha spiral or beta pleated sheet. Haemoglobin is comprised of four polypeptide fractional monetary units. two with alpha spiral secondary construction and two with beta pleated sheet signifier. All four constituents carry a haem group that can adhere to oxygen. and all four constituents must be present to organize hemoglobin. The form of the haemaglobin affects its ability to transport O. and travel freely throughout the circulatory system. Whereas Collagen’s secondary construction involves three strands of protein bonded together between the ironss with H bonds and so twisted into a spiral that is referred to as a ‘collagen helix’ .

Third construction ; the concluding three dimensional form of protein is formed when these spirals and plaits coil or fold. Due to interactions between R-groups of the different amino acids. The third construction or overall form of collagen protein subunits is a coiling concatenation. Due to the ways in which the amino acids are arranged the protein can be hydrophobic or hydrophilic. Soluble proteins. like hemoglobin will turn up with the hydrophobic side on the interior and the hydrophilic side on the outside. As with all proteins the third construction of each fractional monetary unit is held in topographic point by a figure of bonds and interactions. these interation give the fractional monetary units and whole molecule really specific forms. this is why hemoglobin and collagen differ so greatly in construction and in map as the form of the molecule ( due to the third construction ) is critical for the molecule to transport out its map.

Quaternate construction ; some proteins are made up of more than one polypeptide fractional monetary unit joined together. The quaternate construction of haemoglobin consists of four polypeptide fractional monetary units. Two are called alpha ironss and two are called beta ironss. The four fractional monetary units together form one hemoglobin molecule. which is H2O soluble. In comparing. The quaternate construction of collagen consists of three left-handed spirals twisted into a right-handed spiral. Hempen proteins. like collagen contain polypeptide ironss arranged in long strands or sheets. whereas ball-shaped proteins. like hemoglobin have polypeptide ironss that are folded in a spherical form.

Due to the differences in construction of collagen and haemoglobin their form and map besides differ greatly. The ternary spiral construction of collagen gives the construction strength and therefore the map of collagen is to supply mechanical strength in many countries. Where as the presence of a prosthetic group. Haem. in the construction of hemoglobin agencies oxygen can adhere to the Fe. This means that one complete hemoglobin molecule can adhere up to four

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