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Comparison between María Eva Duarte “Evita” and Ernesto “Che” Guevara

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A Comparison between María Eva Duarte “Evita” and Ernesto “Che” Guevara

This essay discusses the comparison and contrast between María Eva Duarte “Evita” and Ernesto “Che” Guevara.  Both are significant Argentinean personalities that have lived memorable lives that affected the people of Argentina and the world.

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Comparison between María Eva Duarte “Evita” and Ernesto “Che” Guevara
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María Eva Duarte, also known as Evita Perón lived in the years 1919-1952.  During her adolescent years, she initially worked as a radio and soap opera actress (Ackendorf 1).   In 1944, Evita met Colonel Juan Domingo Perón.

  They got married in 1945 and this paved way for Evita Perón’s popularity among the Argentineans, particularly the poor and those in the labor sector. Juan Perón became the President of Argentina in 1946.  All throughout, Evita Perón supported his husband in his campaign and programs. Significantly, she helped his husband regain his position as Vice President when he was thrown out due to his alliance with the Nazi Germany (Ackendorf 2).  What she did was call the people who owed his husband such as those junior military officers whom he has promoted.

  He reached out to union officials and told them his husband has lost his position because of too much sympathy to the laborers.

She organized an event at the Labor and Welfare Ministry where more than 30,000 workers attended and raised their voices in support to Juan Perón.  When he signed a decree to increase the salary of workers, the people wanted him to run for presidency.  Surprisingly, Evita set up microphones everywhere, and so the whole event was broadcasted over the radio.  This caused an arrest for Juan Perón, but due to the advocacy of Evita, the workers were agitated to clamor and so the arrest was pre-empted.  With this, Juan later on became president with Evita on his side (Wangemann 6).  Meanwhile, in Evita’s reign as First Lady, she built a foundation for the poor. She built Evita City, a “housing project not only provided homes to the poor, but beds, tables and clothes, as well” (Ackendorf 3).  She personally handed money to the poor people who lived in Evita City.

Comparing to Evita Perón, Ernesto “Che” Guevara also fought for the welfare of the disadvantaged in society. He was a doctor that gave up his practice and profession to fight for the poor.  Significantly, he joined a voyage with Fidel Castro, crossing the Caribbean Seas in a “mission of invading Cuba and overthrowing the dictator Fulgencio Batista” (Dorfman 1).  In 1953, he toured Argentina and other Latin America countries.  Having witnessed the lives of the Indians, “awoke his social conscience” (Liukkonen, 1) and after seeing American intervention in Guatemala in 1954, Guevara decided to resort to forceful means to fight imperialism.  Guevara, despite his weak health due to asthma, engaged in wars and lived in hard conditions in 1956 when the revolutionary army lived in the mountains of Sierra Maestra in Cuba.  In 1959, “he attracted much attention with his speeches against imperialism and US policy in the Third World” (Liukkonen, 1).  For a time, he worked as minister for the industries in Cuba but “resigned from his post as a politician to test his revolutionary theories” (Liukkonen, 1).  He was killed by a Bolivian ranger at a time when he trained guerilla warfare in Bolivia.

Evita and Che both fought for the rights of the poor, however, evidently through different means.  Evita established foundations meant to help the unfortunate while Che fought using physical force as he engaged in guerilla warfare.  Notable in Evita’s ways was her unmistakable charm towards the masses.  She used compassion and gave monetary help to the needy.  Meantime, Guevara aside from engaging in wars, also fought capitalism and imperialism by the power of the pen.  He has written articles and other personal chronicles on guerrilla warfare.    Guevara personally believed that change was possible only by aggressive means and through a violent revolution (Liukkonen, 1).

Both lived in the same era and it is noticeable how Evita as a woman, worked behind a man.  She had to ensure his husband was in power in order for her to be capable of helping others.  Che, on the other hand, found a way to reign on his own.  He fought oppression through measures that are conventional and expected of how a man would—through forceful means.

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